Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marutama Ra-men

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This is a long over due post on Marutama. We have been there twice now and their ramen comes in among the top few on our list. According to the staff, the owner of marutama is very fond of basketball and thats where their basketball-esque logo came about.

Marutama has 3 outlets, 1 at The Central (Clarke quay) , 1 at Liang court and the newest one at Suntec City. Pictures shown here are taken at The Central outlet. The concept of the store is very simple - traditional japanese decor that is. The restaurant is not huge, roughly about 35-seater which feels rather cosy. During meal time, do expect the place to be packed.

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Rather than having an extensive menu, Marutama chooses to excel in the selected few on the menu. This is ideal for K, as she always has trouble deciding on her food. Order the original chicken soup ramen SGD$12 , add an Ajitsuke tamago (egg) SGD$1 and Kakuni (stewed pork belly) SGD$5, you're in for a treat!

Marutama Ramen with tamagos- $14

Marutama Ramen with tamagos and Kakuni - $19

The texture of the noodles is very smooth. There is this tenderness about it,  which is different from the tougher ramen you find outside. The chicken broth is also very tasty and best still, it doesn't make you thirsty after you polish off the entire bowl. I highly recommend, anyone who goes to try it, to get 2 eggs. I love their runny eggs and 1 is just not enough for me. Another must try add-ons is the pork bellies which have been stewed until the meat literally melts in your mouth. Combine them together, and you have yourself a very satisfying meal. The price of around SGD$20 might be a tad on the high side for a bowl of ramen, but for the pleasure it provides, I say its definitely worth it.

Marutama ( The Central)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central @ Clarke Quay

Daily: 11am - 10 pm


X's rating of Marutama : 7.5/10

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