Monday, March 26, 2012

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier(Portsdown)

This is our third visit to Laurent Bernard at Portsdown!
This time round, we were there for an invited food tasting!
We had the privilege and opportunity to learn more about chocolates and taste Laurent Bernard's awesome Easter menu [:

Alfresco area that we adore



Informative session on chocolates!
We learnt so much!
Chef Laurent explaining to us how good chocolates should look and taste like.
He told us that the coating of chocolates should be thin and the ganache should be creamy, smooth and soft.

He also explained to us the composition of sugar, cocoa beans, and cocoa butter that should be present in good chocolate

Chocolate hens, for Easter! They have chocolate eggs, and chocolate shells too.
All ready for Easter!

Looks really good right!
The chocolate at Laurent Bernard are all freshly made on their premises!

The food bloggers that were invited!


Seared scallops with cocoa nips, and fennel foam
We loved this! The scallops were fresh and they tasted really good with the chocolate sauce! The cocoa nips provided a crunchy edge to the soft scallops. Chocolate-infused sweetness.
The bacon piece on the scallop gave a savory tinge to this dish.
Oh so good, oh so good.

Grilled rib-eye steak with cocoa orange sauce
The rib-eye was quite huge!
The cocoa orange sauce was unique. The sweet orange flavour was a twist to the slightly bitter chocolate. Really interesting.
I like the mashed potato haha

Peruvian Chicken
The chicken was extremely tender and the slightly spicy chocolate sauce was gooooood.

Chocolate Banana cake
Although the entree and the main course were impressive, my favourite has gotta be the chocolate banana cake.  It is made up of meringue sponge, cripsy hazelnut, caramelized bananas with passionfruit juice, a little bit of ginger and creamy ganache.
There are so many different layers of different textures. The smooth layers that melt in your mouth were a delightful contrast to the crunchy layers.
So much effort and so many ingredients packed into this awesome cake
I loved every bit of it (:



Chocolate shooter that Chef Laurent bought from overseas!
It's super cool.
First, you put the cocoa powder on the plastic thingy



Next, when he says "go", breathe in deeply
He'll press down the shooter simultaneously so that you'll breathe in the powder!
You'll be able to "taste" the powder through your nose! Haha super cool right!
X tried it but I didn't dare to haha

It was a really pleasant evening at Laurent Bernard as everyone was so friendly and warm. Morgane is super entertaining, she's really cute and funny haha. We'll like to thank everyone at Laurent Bernard for such a wonderful evening, for the splendid food and the hospitality they extended to us. They really made us feel comfortable and at home (:

You have to try their Easter menu! Especially the chocolate banana cake!! You'll love it too! (:

5B Portsdown Road
Tuesday-Thursday : 10am -10pm
Friday: 10 am - midnight
Saturday : 9am - mightnight
Sunday: 9am-10pm

Love, K


  1. Hello! were you at the other table during the event? anyway all of your are super prompt in posting luh! I've still quite a longlist of backlog to clear before starting on this!

  2. Hi! I guess we were! Haha anyway, we don't exactly do our postings in chronological order. We have posts from 6 months ago that we haven't worked on haha

  3. Anyway i think i didn't get the chance to introduce myself at the event, so nice to meet you anyway!

  4. Haha yupp. Nice to meet you too! (:


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