Friday, June 8, 2012

PS Cafe (Palais Renaissance)

This was on the day or one day after Antoinette opened at Palais. So we decided to go there for brunch. But X decided that he wanted PS Cafe instead. Haha what a fickle boy. So yupp, here we were! It was already very crowded when we got there and there were hardly any seats indoors. As I was feeling really cold, we were more than happy with outdoor seats. I got up and started snapping pictures only to be informed by the staff that photo-taking is prohibited. I don't get it.. Why? Pretty places are meant to be shared aren't they?

Patterned tiles, marble tables

Brick wall and chalk board




Hot chocolate - $7
This tasted more like milk with a hint of chocolate than hot chocolate.
Pretty disappointing

Iced Cafe Latte - $6.50
X said his latte was strong and pretty fragrant

Truffle Fries - $15
A ginormous plate of truffle fries that we could not finish. Fragrant, crispy and satisfying

Banana Pancakes- $22

Stack of banana and caraway pancakes with caramelized bananas, butter and organic honey.
Four pieces of pancakes. The serving is huge! The organic honey goes extremely well with the butter. The flavoured pancakes were fluffy and together with the caramelized bananas, the only criticism that this dish received from me was its huge portion. Hahaha. That's how much I liked it!


PS big bacon and eggs - $24
Two eggs with herbed toast, crisped bacon, oven dried tomato, rocket pesto roasted mushrooms, and choice of sausage

The poached eggs were perfect and the tomatoes were delicious. The sausage was pretty unique, it kinda tasted like otah. Interesting! The serving was huge too!

The interior of the restaurant was nicely decorated and was quite alot prettier than the alfresco area. The service crew were polite and service was quite efficient.

390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance

Monday - Friday: 1130am - 12am, (1am for Friday)
Saturday, Sunday : 930am - 1am (12am for Sunday)

Love, K

K's rating of PS Cafe (Palais) : 7/10


  1. thanks for the great and detailed pictures, fast loading website, and fot stating the prices! excellent information. good job!

    1. Thanks for the compliments! (:
      Glad that it was useful!


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