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Have you heard of Rolleyes?


If you haven't, its high time you do! is something new and exciting that has taken the F&B world by storm and is definitely gonna change the culinary scene in Singapore. introduces and brings to the table something that has never been seen before in our sunny little island. Are you excited to find out more? We're sure you are!

X and I had the honour of attending a baking class organized by Rolleyes and one of their partners, Caffe Pralet. Chef Judy taught us how to make healthy yet palatable chocolate zucchini cake! During this session, we were exposed to the wonders of and how their innovation will impact Singapore. We'll like to first, take this opportunity to thank the people behind Rolleyes, Chef Judy and the crew at Caffe Pralet for a wonderful afternoon.

Let us first, tell you how the name Rolleyes came about. You must be thinking of mean girls rolling their eyes with sarcasm aren't you! Haha but this has totally nothing to do with that. Rolleyes emerged from the idea of a camera ROLLing and how our EYES are used to appreciate visual elements. is essentially a site that brings to you reviews of restaurants, not in pictorial, nor written form, but in video form! You get to see really exciting and extremely well-made videos of different eateries. Not only do you get up-close and personal with delectable food, you also get to see the restaurant space from the comfort of your home and also experience the atmosphere and ambience of that particular eatery. You can see in detail how the restaurant really looks like and know what to expect when you decide to visit the restaurant. As compared to pictures, a video definitely has an upper hand as it allows viewers to gain awareness of the entire layout of the restaurant while pictures, more often than not, try to show an "all-encompassing" perspective without much success. is revolutionary. Their videos are captivating and allow their viewers to have truly, a bird's eye view.

Here's one on Jimmy Monkey(one of our favourite cafes)

In addition, footages of preparation of food gives you an idea of what the restaurant serves, in a dynamic manner. You see many different items dished out right in front of your eyes. As each dish flashes by, you'll inevitably hear your stomach growling (I was a victim of that haha) Food is now being presented in an enticing manner that will make you crave for them like never before. There is indeed no better way of knowing an eatery than watching an attractive video that leaves a deep impression which also magnifies details that pictures and words are not able to capture. You will be surprised, and delighted at how their videos will tempt your taste buds.

Just look at this

Aren't you impressed!
We were blown away by the videos that Rolleyes have came up with! They are fun, informative and engaging! And they surely do make you hungry, don't they!

For more videos: check out Rolleyes on Youtube

Well, that's all about Nothing too impressive. OH, WHO ARE WE KIDDING? has so much to offer! Their site is easy to use and navigation is as simple as ABC. You can view videos of restaurants or cafes under the respective tabs. They also have tabs like Specialties which feature vegan or organic eateries. That's right, they cater to people of all tastebuds!


They also have numerous videos that will teach you tips and tricks on how to be more successful in the kitchen! For example, they have videos that teach you how to make an avocado milkshake and this! How to efficiently slice out mango skin. Now I can show my grandmother how to slice a mango and she'll certainly be impressed haha

In addition, these awesome videos can be shared on social media platforms with your friends and families! I've always been told that good things are meant to be shared. What better way to spread the love than to share these fantastic videos with your loved ones? Now now, we have to share wonderful things with the world, so hit those SHARE buttons!

Just when you think that can't possibly get anymore awesome than this, we have another surprise for you! Rolleyes has in store for their subscribers special discounts and privileges from their respective F&B partners. Subscribe to now to be entitled to incredibly unbelievable privileges that are not offered anywhere else!

What are you still waiting for? Subscribe to them now!

P.S: You're gonna subscribe one day anyway, so why not now! Especially when you get another perk of receiving Rolleyes Sticky candies for free!

We can't do a better job at describing and portraying than an experience there itself.  So head on over and be amazed right this instant (:


X and K

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