Friday, June 29, 2012

Lai Heng Prawn Noodles

When i was younger, I used to follow my dad to this really old school looking shophouse kopitiam along upper bukit timah road for breakfast.  That stretch of shop houses had since been evicted in place of a condo , The Linear. We would always go to the coffee shop just for one dish, their prawn noodles. I remember quite vividly that the noodles came in a "rooster bowl" and we were always served by an old man who walked around bare-footed. These memories were a good 15 years ago at least.

The current stall now sits in a little corner of a coffee shop along Teck Whye Lane in a more modern setting compared to the one I experienced years ago. They are still attracting quite a crowd. When I went the other time on a Saturday morning, I had to wait around 20 minutes for my food. Definitely, speaks volume of their popularity.

Prawn noodles - SGD$3.50

Prawn Noodles with intestines - SGD$4.50

A big bowl of noodles with dark sauce gravy, complemented with fresh prawns, fish cakes and pig intestines. The secret to the dish is their noodles. It is cooked to perfection. It has a "bouncy" texture yet when the noodles are in your mouth, it feels like they are melting on your tongue. And because the noodle is very well cooked, it is able to soak up the richness of the dark sauce gravy unlike many of those tasteless noodles you get out there. Anyone can add fresh prawns and ingredients to make a dish better but not every one can cook the noodles this well. This is the taste of my childhood. I would say. still as good as ever. 

143 Teck Whye Lane

Love , X

X's rating of Lai Heng Prawn Noodles: 8/10

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