Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I turned 22 today.
And I was wonderfully and pleasantly surprised.
All the birthday wishes received in every form of technology made me feel really blessed and lucky [:
Thanks everyone! 

Yesterday, I'd thought that X had forgotten my birthday.
Well, we're in Korea and all and he has 3 exams in 2 days time so I thought that he might have forgotten my birthday.
We were at a cafe till 11pm last night because he needed to study. We had dinner after and headed home. The clock struck 12 when we were walking home and he didn't wish me happy birthday so I was even more sure than he'd forgotten haha. We got home at about 1210 and I went into the apartment first. And to my surprise, X's friends who are my new found friends surprised me with a baskin robbins icecream cake! Hahaha I was really thankful. I mean, we've just known each other for about 2 weeks and here they were, taking precious time off studying and surprising me all the way in Hongdae! Haha thank you fatty for organising [: And a big thank you to all my nice friends for the surprise! [:

Today, I met X after his class for dessert at Peony. After which he said we have to go home to change and that we aren't supposed to eat anymore till 630 because we're going to a food fest at Lotte Departmental Store. I was thinking why we have to dress up hahaha. So anyway he wore like pretty formal stuff so I was suspecting that we're going somewhere nice for dinner but he said "you confirm think we're going somewhere fancy right. But we're really going to the food fest. Later when you hear me telling the taxi driver Lotte, then you'll believe me" Haha I was like okay, food fest it is! Quite cool what right to go for food fest haha even though I've never been to one. So when we arrived at Lotte Hotel, I was still thinking that we were going for the food fest at the convention centre... Haha turns out that X had reserved a table at Pierre Gagnaire at the 35th level for my birthday dinner! And he had done the reservation before I even arrived in Korea. That's like more than a month ago. Hahaha I'm honestly immensely touched [: So anyway, Pierre Gagnaire is a three Michelin star chef! So you can imagine how happy and excited I was hahaha. And we had a window seat! The view was quite pretty and the food was unique, interestingly juxtaposed and awesome. The foie gras was amazing and life-changing haha. I had an incredibly nice and memorable evening [:

Will do up a post on Pierre Gagnaire soooooon!

Despite feeling extremely old now, I am infinitely thankful as I count my blessings. Looking forward to all the birthday celebrations when I get back to Singapore! [: But at the same time, dreading having to leave Kool Korea haha

Thanks for all the surprises X! [: You're the best hahaha

Love, K

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