Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gangnam Style BBQ

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Riding on the Gangnam Style craze is this Korean barbecue restaurant at Railmall. Seeing all these "suction lamps" really reminded me of Korea!

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We were also attended to by Korean servers and this made the experience more authentic!

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The kimchi tastes as good as those that we had in Korea. I remember how I took awhile to get used to the strong taste but now I can eat it with much ease!

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I miss the soy bean sauce the most! Goes well with everything! The salad comes with a creamy and tasty dressing and was a great dish to kickstart the meal

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Gangnam Beef - $35

$35 is very pricey but the beef was tender, juicy and delicious! The server stood by us and cooked the meat for us, probably because they were afraid that we'll burn the meat or something because in Korea, the servers will just leave you and return occasionally to check on you but they don't stand by you throughout the entire dining experience.

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Soy Bean Paste Soup - $15

Tasty bean paste soup with tofu, mushrooms and clams. Highly similar to the ones we had in Korea!

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Pork Collar - $22

Don't ask me why I chose pork collar because I thought I had it back in Korea but it was always pork belly that I was eating. HAHA. This was a very costly mistake because the pork collar was tough and dry and wasn't good at all.

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This is only the second time that I have had Korean barbecue in Singapore but I have to say that the food and entire experience is as authentic as it gets and it is really similar to Korea's! The cutlery is made in Korea and they even serve water in the same type of bottles! We really had this feeling that we were back in Korea! It made the meal all the more enjoyable. However, it is seriously quite expensive because we spent $90 for two and this meal would have cost us less than $30 in Korea. I know we shouldn't really compare but... the price difference is really huge. Well, a plus point will be free parking! Also, the servers were well-versed in English and really attentive. They topped up the kimchi and vegetables for us quickly. Do remember to ask for the vegetables to wrap the meat and kimchi, because we weren't served them until we asked.

The Rail Mail, 396 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
Monday- Sunday: 1100 – 2200


Love, K

K's rating of Gangnam Style BBQ : 7/10

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  1. the beef's marbling looks amazing. Quite worth the $35.


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