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(CLOSED) The Vintage Room

Media Invite

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Duxton Hill is situated just a short distance away from the popular Duxton Road. Serenity and a whiff of exclusivity will greet you when you make your way to The Vintage Room, which now sits where Le Petit Cancale used to.

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The Deliciae Hospitality Group has an impressive collection of restaurants and The Vintage Room is the latest addition to their trove. This laidback and casual alfresco area does not give you a close enough idea to what is in store for you in the champagne and cocktail bar. Although there's a public carpark about 15 metres away, I strongly suggest one not to drive. Trust me, you will regret having to limit your thirst.

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As its name suggests, The design of The Vintage Room revolves around a theme of Old World. The bar is elaborately furnished and intricately fashioned with furniture sourced from numerous locations islandwide and ornaments gathered from other restaurants under their belt.

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The glass display which now showcase an extensive range of champagnes was previously used to hold oysters in Le Petit Cancale

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Vintage pictures featuring champagne

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Notice the glass panels on the ceiling and the coral-like lights? In the day, pretty designs are cast on the carpet when the sunbeams fall on the lights. This was also part of the design concept. Brilliant, isn't it? The furniture, though different, is cleverly juxtaposed to create a lavish feel and mesmerizing old school vibe

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Boasting 22 types of sparkling wines and champagne, a wide selection of unique cocktails and mojitos crafted by their mixologist, The Vintage Room shines in the alcohol department. They are looking to expand their inventory of beers so boys, fret not, for they have heard your cries for beer!
Food at The Vintage Room is not to be outdone as delicious bar bites created by Chef Damien will win your hearts

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Here we go!

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Jewel - $15
Coconut rum, strawberry liquor, lychee syrup with pineapple juice

The Jewel is a very sweet drink with a strong coconut flavour. Very fruity and feminine.

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Caesar Ritz - $15
Vodka/gin, Elderflower liquor, lime juice and a dash of sugar syrup

A unique cocktail that centres on the floral fragrance of elderflower. Definitely another favourite of the ladies!

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Bellini - $17
Peach puree topped with Delamotte Champagne

The peach puree rests at the bottom of the glass and there isn't a stirrer for you to stir them up. There's a reason why this drink is created the way it is. The taste of peach will be too overwhelming should the drink be stirred or should the puree be floating in the drink. Thoughtfully constructed this way, the sparking champagne retains all its glory with a kick of sweet peach

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Mix of Cold Cuts - $38
Bayonne Ham, Pate de Campagne, Duck Rilettes, Andouille De Vire, Saucisson Sac

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A mix of premium meats for the carnivore in you. Paired with freshly baked baguette, and accompanied with the sweet burst of juicy grapes, this plate of top quality cold cuts is ideal for sharing

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Fresh Goat Cheese, Onion Caramelized and Bayonne Ham (Served on Poilane Toast) - $17

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This was truly spectacular. The goat cheese added a sour touch to the savoury ham, sweet onions and fragrant Poilane toast which is air-flown from France. The taste of the goat cheese is not overpowering and it leaves a lingering delightful aftertaste! This tartine is a terrific mix of vastly different flavours and it was my favourite item of the night! Highly recommended!

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Apple Mojito- $14
Bacardi rum, fresh apple, apple liquor, brown sugar, mint and soda

The apple flavour was very subtle and couldn't be distinctly identified. It will be better if the taste of apple is stronger!

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Lychee mojito - $14
Bacardi rum, lychees fruits and syrup, Brown sugar, mint and soda

The lychee mojito is a sweet concoction that does not carry a heavy taste of alcohol and totally suited my palate! Also, do try the mojito "V" style! It's really pleasing to the tastebuds too!

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Sex on the Runway - $15
Cinnamon-sugar rimmed glass, vodka, apple liquor, and triple sec liquor, sweet and sour

Another popular cocktail with the ladies!

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Mix Of Smoked Fishes and Marinated Seafood - $38
Smoked Salmon, Trout and Haddock, Herrings and Anchovies

Airflown from France, this assortment of fresh fish will surprise you with their intense flavours. They are accompanied by Poilane bread and a homemade tartar sauce that is extremely light, creamy and refreshing. I really liked the tartar sauce! I'm still thinking about it after one week haha. The tartar sauce balances out the savoriness of the fish and adds a slight sour tinge. As amazing as they are individually, the Poilane bread, tartar sauce and delectable pieces of fish are really better together!

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Even the sink follows the theme!

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On top of these promotions, there's also MOJITO MANIA on Tuesdays where mojitos will be going at $10 all night long

The bar also serves up French favourites such as escargots, foie gras terrine and their own rendition of the croque monsieur. Desserts such as tarte tatin, half-baked chocolate cake and the much-loved salty butter caramel lava cake are also available.

This posh-looking bar will captivate you with its charming Old World Vibe and very comfortable sofas. The eclectic grandeur of The Vintage Room exudes a homely feel and you can look forward to a relaxing evening here.

The Vintage Room does not take reservations and they get insanely crowded, especially on weekends. So do get there early to avoid disappointment!

We'll like to thank Peishan for having us and for a really wonderful evening!

37 Duxton Hill
Tuesday- Thursday: 5pm -12am
Friday: 3pm to 1am
Saturday 5pm to 1 am
Closed on Sunday & Monday


Love, K

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