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(MOVED) &Made and L'Entrecote Express

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The popular &Made has undergone a few changes recently. The casual burger heaven has launched a spanking new menu and also partnered L'Entrecote Express to rock the dining scene in town.

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Have you been to L'Entrecote, or heard of it? It has been said to be one of the best steakhouses in Singapore. Located right next to The Vintage Room, at Duxton Hill, L'Entrecote has been serving up delicious steak frites in a Parisian setting. Long-time and loyal supporters of L'Entrecote have constantly requested for L'Entrecote to open another outlet somewhere more central and accessible, and Deliciae Hospitality Management has done just that.

The bistro is now called &Made and L'Entrecote Express, and is divided into two sections with the &Made section retaining its original outlook and the L'Entrecote Express section slightly revamped. You can now have both burger and steak at one go!

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The new menu!
&Made has kept 3 of their most popular burgers(The 'B Burger, The 3 Little Pigs and The Lamb) from the old menu. They have added a few more brilliantly crafted burgers and a craft-it-yourself menu where you can create your own burgers! We heard that some burger fanatics have created $80 burgers with numerous patties!

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Iced Tea - $6
Osmanthus Sancha

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This isn't your usual tea with ice but its tea cubes with water.
The osmanthus sancha tea has been frozen into ice cubes and they will melt when hot water is poured into the glass. We would have never thought of this! The tea is very light and refreshing and a perfect palate cleanser. Certainly a great choice if you're going for a very heavy and meaty burger!

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Lychee, raspberry and rose shake - $9
(This is a third of its original portion)
I am not a fan of berries but I really loved this. It doesn't taste like bandung, that's for sure. The shake is not heavy as icecream and cream are not used. There are also tiny bits, which are remnants of dried roses, which added a lovely twist and crunch to the drink. I absolutely adored the subtle lychee hint that lingers and the fragrance of rose!

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Craft-It-Yourself Burger
Paolo, the restaurant manager, crafted a burger for us!
Here's a delicious burger with brioche buns freshly baked from their own recipe, dry aged beef patty($15), portobello mushroom($4), fried egg($1), comte cheese($1.50) and yuzu-kosho mayonnaise($0.80). Craft-It-Yourself burgers come with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and dill pickle. Do note that fries are not included. You can order a side of fries at $3 and choose from the original, smoked or garlic and vingar fries. Truffles fries are also available at $6.

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The garlic and vinegar fries are really popular! I totally understand as it's impossible not to love these crispy shoestring fries with garlic bits and sour hint!

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Just look at the burger. Glorious, isn't it? Feeling hungry yet?

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The Rossini -$28
Dried aged beef patty, French pan fried foie gras, black truffle mayonnaise and celery remoulade.
With a side of truffle fries (top up $3)

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This is seriously, my favourite burger in the whole of Singapore. Chunky beef patty with the unique and palatable black truffle mayonnaise and, foiegras! I love foie gras! I This is really the perfect burger for me. Who knew that adding foie gras to a burger or to beef would be such a splendid idea! I was amazed at how the strong flavours complemented each other. The fragrant truffle fries and homemade barbecue sauce are bound to win you over too!

This burger was featured on their Christmas menu and boy, am I glad that they have added it into their new menu! It will be a shame to miss this burger!

Time for steak!
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L'Entrecote Express has a selection of 5 appetizers,

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1 main course,

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and 4 desserts.

The appetizers and desserts featured here are just a sneak peek of the entire range available at L'Entrecote at Duxton Hill. Since this is an 'express' concept, the steak is served in one portion instead of two. Also, the doneness of your steak will be written on the white paper on your table so that the server knows who to serve the steak to!

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Entrecote Steak - $29.90

The steak comes with a side of fresh walnuts green salad, warm Poilane bread and a generous side of fries.

We have to say that the Entrecote Steak is really value for money. It's not just delicious, it's also a huge portion!

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You must be devouring the steak with your eyes right now!
This dish doesn't just look good, but it tastes really good too!
The two distinct and unique points about the L'Entrecote steak is that they are always cut and they come with a secret recipe butter sauce. We asked for our steak to be medium rare and it was done perfectly, tender, and in every way, a dream steak. Coupled with the legendary really buttery sauce, this dish will render you speechless as you savour every bite!

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Caramello Sundae - $12
Caramel sauce, caramel pearls, flakes and crumble

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This sundae will change your opinions of sundaes forever. Here's an articulate and irresistible sundae that you will not be able to get enough of. Creamy soft serve icecream with creme Chantilly, sitting on a bed of flaky crumble, layered with light and not overly sweet caramel sauce and topped with crunchy pearls. We couldn't help but go "Oh my goodness, this is really good!" Everything worked so well together and we loved the different textures. Do dig deep into the cup and get a bite of the flaky goodness resting at the bottom!

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Profiteroles de "L'Entrecote" - $14
Vanilla bean icecream profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce

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If you will like to have a lighter dessert, we recommend the profiteroles which are great and ideal for sharing! Almond, chocolate and vanilla, yum!

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Half-Baked Chocolate Cake - $14
Served warm with vanilla bean icecream

Rich molten chocolate centre encased within a fluffy sponge cake accompanied with high quality vanilla bean icecream. What's not to love? A classic, and all-time favourite! We felt that a small part of the cake was burnt but we enjoyed the dessert nonetheless

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We marveled at the brilliance of Chef Bruno Menard and his intricate creations. His creativity and talent in balancing and matching flavours is really a gift! Apart from the selection of burgers on the menu, &Made crafts a special and different burger every week and that burger will only be available for that particular week! It's quite an exciting idea, especially if you like surprises!

Indulge in skillfully-executed dishes at pocket-friendly prices today!

We'll like to thank Peishan and Paolo for having us!

9 Scotts Road
#01-04/05/06 Pacific Plaza

Sun - Thu: 10:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 10:00 - 22:30


Love, K

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