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Just 3 Days in London? Here are 6 Must Eats that will Impress

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X and I kickstarted our grad trip with a two and a half day stay in beautiful London, and it certainly wasn't enough.

As short as our stay was, we managed to dine at some of the most popular dining venues!

1) Burger & Lobster

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Burger & Lobster is definitely my favourite and, easily anybody's favourite in London.

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It gets really packed in the evening. Do get there before 6pm to avoid having to queue. It's not a guarantee though but we've heard that queues start to form from 6pm!

Expect no menu as Burger & Lobster offers only three items! You can have the Burger and Chips, Lobster and Chips or the Lobster Roll and Chips. We heard the burger isn't exactly fantastic, and the Lobster is quite a tough nut to crack so the Lobster Roll is the best choice. So X and I both had a set of Lobster Roll and Chips!

 photo P5158741.jpg
Lobster Roll and Chips - £20

 photo P5158746.jpg
Fresh greens

 photo P5158747.jpg
Lemon butter sauce! I love lemon butter! They go so well with fries!

 photo P5158742.jpg
Pieces of cold juicy lobster meat sandwiched between a toasted bun and accompanied with crispy fries and delicious lemon butter sauce. I guess it just doesn't get better than this. It was a really awesome meal! Also, service was top notch. The servers were attentive and did not make us feel like they were rushing us even though the restaurant was full and there was a queue outside.

Don't miss Burger & Lobster when you're in London!

36 Dean Street, Soho London, W1D4PS
Monday to Saturday
from 12 to 10.30pm (last orders)
Sunday, from 12 to 10.00pm (last orders)


2) Monmouth Coffee Company

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There's a charm about this place that cannot be described. I could sit here all day, with a cup of good coffee in one hand, and a good read in the other.

 photo P5158854.jpg
It was fully occupied with a long queue at just 10am. It's pretty crazy but we can't help but dig the atmosphere! Also, Monmouth is right beside Borough market so you wont miss it for sure!

 photo P5158834.jpg

 photo P5158829.jpg

 photo P5158836.jpg
Latte - £2.5

Definitely one of the nicest coffees I've ever had. The aroma of the coffee is quite different from the ones we have in Singapore. Its very slightly acidic and the coffee has this sweetness and a unique texture that I've never encountered. They really should come to Singapore!

 photo P5158841.jpg
Espresso - £1.50

 photo P5158839.jpg
Filter coffee with milk - £2.50

This is essentially the espresso with milk!

Needless to say, we finished every drop of our coffee

 photo P5158845.jpg
Truffles - £1 each

Creamy smooth chocolate encased in a powdery thin hard layer that melts oh-so-slowly in our mouths. We would have gotten more of this if we were not going for more food at Borough market!

 photo P5158851.jpg

 photo P5158855.jpg

Monmouth Coffee Company also offers a selection of pastries so you could get your breakfast there. How better to start a day than to have a great cup of coffee?

2 Park Street
The Borough
London SE1 9AB
Monday to Saturday
7.30am to 6pm

3) Borough Market

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Borough Market is the oldest food market in London, and it's a very popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

 photo P5158917.jpg
Well over 200 years of history and operations!

It was about 10am when we got there and most of the stalls weren't open yet.
After going to Borough Market and a few of their supermarkets, we realised that they have quite an open concept with regards to the display of food. It's something that you will hardly, or never, find in Singapore. The open concept is pretty refreshing and certainly an eye-opener

1) Furness Food Hut

 photo P5158867.jpg

 photo P5158863.jpg
Gigantic woks of paella!

 photo P5158869.jpg

 photo P5158884.jpg

 photo P5158881.jpg
Seafood paella - £6

Looks good? Tastes good too! There's quite a generous portion of meat and fresh seafood and eating this piping hot dish on a cold morning is simple and pure bliss. 

2) Shellseekers

 photo P5158872.jpg

The Shellseekers pride themselves in carrying seafood that are caught in ways that do not damage the ocean and nature.

 photo P5158875.jpg

 photo P5158888.jpg

 photo P5158912.jpg
3 hand-dived scallops - £5
We waited really long for our scallops as they had problems working the stove so they gave us an extra scallop!

Fleshy and fresh juicy scallops that will leave you craving for more!

 photo P5158938.jpg

3) Unfortunately, I did not note down the name of this stall but lets call it the Hot Salt Beef Bar

 photo P5158940.jpg

 photo P5158950.jpg

 photo P5158958.jpg
Hot salt beef on rye bread - 5.95

The mustard overwhelmed the taste of the beef and I guess I shouldn't have said yes to the mustard haha. This is quite a simple sandwich, with tender strips of beef. It's really popular but it didn't wow us 

 photo P5158968.jpg
Other goodies you can get from Borough Market

 photo P5158970.jpg

Borough Market is really pretty huge and they offer selections of premium quality and absolute freshness. You can expect a wide variety of cuisine, fresh produce and products that you can purchase. Bring more money because, trust me, you will feel like eating everything there haha. We heard that the duck confit sandwich from Le Marche Du Quartier and chorizo sandwich from Brindisa are really yummy too! We left before these stalls were opened for business so we didn't get to try them. Do let us know if you like them! Also, there's a stall selling Turkish soft candies, you guys should try that too!

8 Southwark Street London SE1 1TL
 photo P5158927.jpg


4) Hummingbird Bakery

 photo P5158727.jpg

We braved the rain for the world famous cupcakes at the renowned Hummingbird Bakery and they sure were worth getting drenched for

 photo P5158731.jpg

 photo P5158728.jpg
I don't know why red velvet seems to be the bestseller in every cupcake shop but it was so for Hummingbird Bakery too! It didn't really hit me that a cupcake actually costs almost $6 sgd until I was eating it. Hahaha

 photo P5158776.jpg
Each cupcake costs £2.95

 photo P5158786.jpg
Sticky toffee

 photo P5158788.jpg
Red Velvet

 photo P5158792.jpg
Lemon Meringue

 photo P5158797.jpg
Black Bottom
Dark chocolate cupcake with cheesecake centre and cream cheese frosting

The cupcakes were yummy! I had the sticky toffee and lemon meringue and both were really good except that the sticky toffee one got too sweet for me towards the end. X said that the cupcakes were too sweet for him haha I think we're all just getting old.

155a Wardour Street
Soho, London
Monday - Saturday
9.30am - 8.00pm
10.00am - 7.00pm


5) Jamie's Italian

There are quite a number of outlets in London but we went to the one at Greenwich, as it was near where we were staying.

 photo P5148581.jpg

 photo P5148594.jpg

 photo P5148598.jpg

 photo P5148601.jpg

 photo P5148604.jpg

 photo P5148590.jpg

 photo P5148592.jpg

 photo P5148612.jpg

We were welcomed warmly and attended to by a super friendly waiter, Gary! He recommended the more popular items to us and told us that the wild rabbit tagliolini was his favourite because the meat is absolutely tender.

Here's what we ordered :

 photo P5148615.jpg
Grilled British Pork Chop - £12.50 
This dish surprised us not only with its size, but also with how soft and juicy the pork chop was. Highly recommended!

 photo P5148622.jpg
Posh Fries - £3.25
Real potato drizzled with truffle oil and topped with cheese. Definitely a delight!

 photo P5148623.jpg
Wild Rabbit Tagliolini - £10.95
The rabbit meat was indeed very tender like what Gary told us and the cream sauce was light and tasty but never threatening to overwhelm. Even though I had reservations about eating rabbit meat and images of a cute bunny hopping around did pop into my mind, I guess I'm glad I tried it! It does taste like chicken except that it carries a subtly unique taste

We decided to get some stuff from the bakery side for dessert!
 photo P5148625.jpg

 photo P5148629.jpg

 photo P5148636.jpg
Chocolate cake 
This was really rich and nice but I'll recommend for at least two to share as it is quite heavy

 photo P5148641.jpg
Lemon Tart
The tart carried a hint of cheese that I didn't fancy but the tart crust compensated for it

Can't remember how much the desserts cost but they were around £9 I think!

17-19 Nelson Road, Greenwich London SE10 9JB
Monday - Saturday : 12pm- 11pm
Sunday: 12pm- 10.30pm 

6) The Golden Hind

The 99 year old restaurant dishes out one of the best fish and chips in London.
They will be celebrating their 100th birthday next year so I guess patrons can expect something big!

 photo P5169188.jpg
Full at 7pm

 photo P5169191.jpg
Coke - £1.60

 photo P5169195.jpg
The tartar sauce was creamy and very slightly sour and I really like it!

 photo P5169198.jpg
Haddock - £9.10

The fish does not come with chips but you can add on the chips for £2. The haddock was sweeter than the cod and the portions were pretty big!

 photo P5169202.jpg
Cod - £9.10

The chips aren't your usual crispy chips. They were not soggy but they were softer and carried more potato taste. X didn't really like the chips but I thought they were unique and they really grew on me!

73 Marylebone Lane
London W1U 2PN 
Mon-Sat 12pm - 3pm, 6pm-10pm


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