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Sumiya, which means Charcoal House, is a lively restaurant and bar that sits on the rooftop of Orchard Central. The charcoal grill and izakaya restaurant boasts a great view and delectable Japanese tapas

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When patrons enter the restaurant, the drummer beats the drum and greets the patrons with a loud and warm "Welcome to Sumiya!", and every member of the staff will then, echo after him. This makes the restaurant really lively and fun!

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Sumiya aims to recreate an authentic experience of dining in Japan from the 50s to the 80s and this setting is a replication of roadside dining back then

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The people behind Sumiya have painstakingly sourced out antique ornaments and signages that fit the theme of the restaurant

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Sumiya brings you Happy Hour all-day-long with Asahi beer towers going at only $42++ and a glass of wine at just $7!

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The tables and stools in the alfresco terrace are supported by barrels as they were in the olden days

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Over here at the outdoor terrace, patrons can have a Do-It-Yourself Garden BBQ. Angus beef, beef tongue and pork belly are just some of the items that are available. You can get an assortment of meat for just $20!

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Moshio Edamame- $6/grab

Armed with a glove, patrons are invited to dip their hands into the giant bowl of edamame and grab as many as they can, while the staff chants "chai chai chai" and the drum is beaten with zest. It's a really interesting sight!

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Sweet Pumpkin Salad - $5
Potato salad with Mentai Mayonnaise - $4

This was one of our favourite dishes! The potato and pumpkin were in puree form and this dish carried a variety of flavours and textures that have been brilliantly melded together and this was just absolutely delicious!

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Prawn Tempura Roll - $7.80

Simple good old sushi but very satisfying!

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Do-It-Yourself Table Sumiyaki
Conger eel, soft smoked squid, dried baby squid, semi-dried hage fish

Our favourite was the soft smoked squid! We adored the sweetness that it carried!

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Sashimi - $8.80 (5 pieces)

Fresh and fat pieces of sashimi! The selection of sashimi available at Sumiya includes salmon, tuna, swordfish and yellowtail

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French Fries with Truffle Oil - $6

With the exception of the top few pieces, the rest of the fries hardly had the taste of truffle oil. I guess it would be good if more truffle oil was added to the middle and bottom portions of the fries!

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Deep-fried Squid with Chilli Sauce - $6

The lightly crispy squid was soft and chewy and was drizzled with a slightly sweet chilli sauce. Simple but a great dish to have with beer!

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Char-grilled Skewer (Wagyu Beef Skewer and Bacon-wrapped Eringi Mushroom skewer)

The Wagyu Beef was too tough and it was such a waste that the beef was overcooked. We really liked the bacon-wrapped Eringi mushroom skewer though! The juicy and soft mushroom, together with the thin piece of bacon, were flawless!

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Sumiya has thirteen different lunch sets and they come with a selection of skewers, sashimi, chawanmushi, miso soup and pickles. In addition, you can enjoy a free flow of soft drinks, coffee or tea with a top-up of just $3. Not forgetting the really affordable prices of the alcohol here, it doesn't take a genius to know that Sumiya will be the hottest haunt in town in no time!

Sumiya is the perfect place for after-work gatherings and drinking sessions with colleagues. Not only is it conveniently located, everything here is reasonably and attractively priced. What's better than chilling out with a pint of ice cold beer and a view of the skyline?

#12-02, Orchard Central


Love, K


  1. everyone looked so happy! looks like a fun place.

    1. Yeah it's quite lively and fun! Let us know what you think of Sumiya if you drop by! [:


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