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Rice & Fries

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As you might have guessed from the name of this relatively new restaurant off Frankel Avenue, dishes are served with rice, fries or a side of potato. Helmed by Chef Ken Chia, who held sous-chef positions at The Ritz Carlton and The Fullerton Hotel, Rice & Fries aims to bring you delicious western fare at attractive and pocket-friendly prices

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Rice & Fries is a family-owned business, with every family member playing a different role. The cartoons drawn on this wall represent the individuals behind this cozy establishment.

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Homemade caramel popcorn that is available for purchase

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Seaweed popcorn

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Homemade iced lemon tea that is completely unsweetened but comes with a little jug of sugar syrup.

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Forest Mushroom Cappuccino - $4.80

The mushroom soup was lacking a little in the taste and presence of mushrooms but the toasted croutons added a fragrance that spices up the soup

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Soft Shell Crab - $7.80

The crispy soft shell crab came with homemade curry mayonnaise that was delightful but there wasn't much meat in the crab

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R&F Salad - $5.80
Garden greens with Rice & Fries dressing, tomato confit, olives and egg

The homemade sauces at Rice & Fries will definitely leave an impression. As simple as a bowl of salad might seem, great dressing is the key to good salad. Fresh vegetables drizzled in yummy vinaigrette, who said healthy dishes can't be delicious?

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Chicken and Mushroom Fricasse -$11.80
served with garden veggies and butter rice

This was one of my favourite dishes! The tender chicken pieces, when paired with the nicely flavoured and fragrant butter rice, was what I would call comfort food for the soul. Also, this dish is available in a smaller version, for kids!

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Filet Mignon - $42.80
With foie gras and bone marrow risotto

A dish fit for a king, I'd say. The beef was supposed to be medium but it felt more like medium rare to me but it was delectable, nonetheless. The foie gras was slightly burnt, but surprisingly, the charred parts added a really charming flavour to it. Good quality airflown beef from New Zealand, coupled with sticky and savoury risotto and finished off with a desirable piece of foie gras. What's not to love?

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R&F Pork Chop - $13.80
With tomato confit, garlic barbecue sauce and thick cut fries

The pork chop at Rice & Fries was very well-cooked and easy to cut. It was tender and juicy and drenched in one of the best barbecue sauces that I've tasted. And as a fan of pork, this was almost the perfect dish for me.

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Lambshank - $24.80
with mushroom ragout and creamy mash

The lambshank at Rice & Fries has been climbing up the popularity ladder. I usually wouldn't have tried lamb as I can't take the strong and overwhelming taste that lamb carries. However, I have to admit that this lambshank totally changed my perspective. The taste of lamb was surprisingly subtle and not overpowering and the meat was so tender that it rendered me speechless. Even though I'm not one to comment about lamb since I'm not a frequent eater but I can understand why people love this dish! Also, the lambshank at Rice & Fries has a touching love story behind it. Chef Ken and his wife used to work in the same kitchen and Chef Ken was in charge of preparing meals for the staff so he would usually cooked like maybe fried rice or something for the staff. However, he cooks his specialty lamb shank, specially and only for his wife. And then after some time, his wife finally realised that Chef Ken was actually wooing her! The success of his lambshank in winning his wife over has translated to its popularity among patrons! Not many places do a good lambshank, so if you're heading over to Rice & Fries, I'll really suggest that you try this!

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Trio Mushroom Pasta - $9.80

The spaghetti was simple, and did not impress as much as the other mains did. However, it's great that the restaurant incorporates vegetarian options in their menu

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Creme Brulee - $8.80

We thought that the top layer of the creme brulee could have been a little more burnt but the creme brulee did not disappoint with its sturdy and smooth custard

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Waffle with New Zealand Natural icecream and maple syrup - $5.80

If you are a fan of waffles with a softer, flatter and less crispy texture, you will definitely like this.

Rice & Fries has been drawing families and parties to their homely restaurant. Kids are actually allowed and sometimes, invited to draw on their walls! Rice & Fries is in the midst of rolling out new lunchtime promotions so do stay tuned and look out for them!

484 Changi Road
Monday - Sunday : 11am-11pm


Love, K


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