Thursday, August 1, 2013

What to eat in Rome

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I was tasked to find places to eat at but I really suck at it and also, we couldn't find a couple of restaurants that I planned to go to ): Hence, we don't have many awesome stuff in this post to share with you but still, here are a few share-worthy things!

1) Da Baffetto
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Possibly one of the most popular restaurants in Rome!
We got there when the queue wasn't that long and queued for about 30 minutes 

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The bread in Rome is extremely different. It's a little springy, tastes synthetic and doesn't carry a fragrance.

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The queue got madder and madder haha

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We got the Pizza Baffetto! We were guessing that this should be their signature. Turned out that we didn't really like it because there was quite alot of moist vegetables that didn't really suit our taste. We should have stuck with our initial choice of a meat pizza!

Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, 00186 Rome, Italy 

2) Popsicles and Icecream
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We got this from a shop near Piazza Navona. They have super alot of flavours and I didn't know which to choose! The fruity ones seem to be especially popular. But this is really good too! I chose the almond one thinking that the icecream is coated with chocolate and almonds, but the icecream was actually almond flavoured too!

3) Il Fornaio
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A super popular bakery!

 photo P5199964.jpg
They have tarts, pies, cookies, bread, etc

The items are sold by weight, 1 kg for 20 euros. The shop owner was very nice and he let us try the chocolate cheese tart that's apparently one of their best sellers.

 photo P5190010.jpg
Apple Tart
This was my favourite of the lot! The apple slices were really sweet!

 photo P5190011.jpg
Chocolate chip cookies
The cookies were very fat and fragrant and were a little softer than our usual cookies

 photo P5190016.jpg
Chocolate cheese tart that's typical of Rome.
Gotta give this creamy and light cheese tart a try!

 photo P5190022.jpg
Lemon Tart
The texture of the curd was somewhat like that of a hardened egg yolk. The tart base outshone the curd

5 Via Dei Baullari, Rome, Italy

4) Alle Fratte Di Trastevere
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 photo P5200297.jpg

 photo P5200300.jpg
Iced Cappuccino
They don't serve iced coffee so they just added ice to a cup of warm cappuccino

 photo P5200308.jpg
I felt that the portion of the filling inside the ravioli was a little too much and strong. After awhile, I got quite sick of the filling but I have to say that the first few mouthfuls were delicious

 photo P5200312.jpg

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Spaghetti Del Scoglio
A drier version of our usual marinara, with perfectly cooked pasta and a generous portion of seafood!

The friendly boss of the restaurant came up to us and said "you know the shells are not edible right?" Hahaha

Via delle fratte di Trastevere, 49 00100 Roma, 00153 Rome, Italy (Trastevere)

5) Blue Ice
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Blue Ice is a gelato chain and it's basically everywhere. I always have my doubts about chain restaurants, for some reason. So I didn't wanna try it but X went ahead and got himself two scoops

 photo P5210321.jpg
The tiramisu was yummy!

6) Carbonara
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It's no mean feat to find Italian food in Rome, duh haha. Pizza and pasta can be found everywhere but make sure you try the carbonara! It's super different from what we have in Singapore. It's almost dry, and alot less creamy. Pretty interesting! You can of course, get carbonara in the rest of the Italian cities too!

We heard that Roma cooking is fantastic but we didn't have a chance to try authentic Roma cuisine. If you have, do share your experience with us!


Love, K


  1. do you mind sharing the places you stayed at during your Europe trip?

    1. Hi! We'll be doing up a post on our accommodations after all the posts on Europe! [:

  2. Did you try the Pompi Tiramisu? It is proclaimed as the 'King of Tiramisu' in Rome! It was delish!

    1. No I didn't! ): Didn't do enough research before going to Europe ):


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