Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Inspired Chef

Media Invite

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Thanks to the four talented chefs behind The Inspired Chef, F&N creameries and Lewis PR, I had the opportunity to attend the media launch of The Inspired Chef, a new homegrown artisanal icecream brand!

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The Inspired Chef is an online icecream boutique where consumers can purchase handcrafted icecream which will be delivered straight to their homes. This tackles the common dilemma that people face when they want to purchase icecream from the supermarkets. No more melted icecream, no more having to rush straight home from the supermarts, because The Inspired Chef is here to save the day with premium icecream that will be delivered frozen to your homes!

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Mr Jeffrey Ng from F&N Creameries telling us about the concept and inspiration behind The Inspired Chef

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I was seated behind the four chefs! Quite starstruck I must say haha

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Left to right : Chef Daniel Tay, Chef Janice Wong, Chef Willin Low, Chef KK Pang and Mr Jeffrey Ng

The chefs took the stage together with Mr Jeffrey to tell the audience more about the flavours that they've created. They were all very humourous and it was an interesting q&a session!

Behind the Divine Chocolate Tart that was created by Chef Daniel Tay is an extremely touching story. Chef Daniel's creation is born out of his love for his niece who loves chocolate. He dedicates this rich chocolate icecream to the sweet little girl and her family whom he loves very much.

The other three chefs garnered their inspiration all from ingredients that are very close to their hearts. For Chef Janice, the first thing that came to her mind was popcorn and she tried to fuse both sweet and salty into one. For Chef Willin, his favourite childhood candy, the peanut brittle, was the key ingredient in the Double Peanut Fudge. And lastly, having created about twenty to thirty different flavoured cheesecakes during his time at Hilton, Chef Pang's love for cheesecake knows no boundaries and has been elaborated translated into a gratifying dessert.

The chefs revealed that each of them have come up with two desserts that will have their uniquely crafted icecream incorporated. These desserts will be available at the chefs' respective restaurants come September!

We were lucky enough to get a preview of the desserts as the chefs prepared them on the spot for us!

Chef Janice Wong, 2am:Dessert Bar
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Warm Popcorn Cloud Salted Caramel Chocolate Creameux

This was absolutely fantastic! Definitely my favourite of the eight desserts. The different textures and flavours melded so perfectly and I was blown away. I'll definitely go to 2am:Dessert Bar for this! The crunch and nutty presence of pistachio was brilliant and it's crazy how the different flavours seem so strong individually but they actually complement each other!

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Sweet Salty Popcorn Passionfruit Yuzu Sorbet

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The passionfruit yuzu sorbet was incredible! This dessert will leave a lasting impression with its tangy flavours!

Chef KK Pang, Antoinette
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Empire Toast

A scoop of the Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble with freshly made French Toast and thin sugared cracker! Rich cream cheese icecream on a warm slice of thick eggy toast. Yum?

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Manhatten Surprise

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Attention berry lovers! This berrylicious dessert may just tickle your tastebuds!

Chef Daniel Tay, Bakerzin
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Warm Potato Zeppole with Chocolate Tart Gelato

The deep fried zeppole was fluffy and light and the contrast of warm and cold was delightful!

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Gianduja Pannacotta with Chocolate Tart Gelato

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Smooth and sturdy panna cotta meets an icy cold and rich chocolate, accompanied by fragrant hazelnuts. One of my favourites for sure! I adored the contrasting textures and for a chocolate lover like me, this was a taste of heaven!

Chef Willin Low, Wild Rocket
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Double Peanut Fudge Parfait with Gong Tng Flakes and Roasted Nuts

More peanut brittle and nuts on top of the already nutty Double Peanut Fudge icecream! The unique taste and sweetness that the peanut brittle brings is refreshing and may trigger nostalgia as it reminds you of your childhood!

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Double Peanut Fudge Cheesecake with Lingoberry Confit

Head over to to purchase your icecream now! The e-commerce platform is fuss-free and easy to use! Want the icecream by tomorrow? Place an order by 3pm today and you'll be able to receive the exquisite pints tomorrow(*Full delivery schedule on the site)! Looking for a surprise gift idea or looking for dessert to serve at your party? The Inspired Chef might just be the perfect solution for you!

A big thank you to Chef Janice, Chef Pang, Chef Daniel, Chef Willin, Mr Jeffrey and Lewis PR for having me! It was really an honour to meet the chefs!


Love, K

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