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10 at Claymore

Media Invite

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10 at Claymore presents Timeless Classics for the month of August and September with a series of skillfully crafted dishes that were prepared with methods that were really popular back in the 60s and 70s. Be prepared to be swept off your feet!

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A few pictures of the buffet spread
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This is the first time that I've seen bamboo clams at a buffet!
Isn't the seafood spread amazing!

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Boasting unique cheeses such as lime and chilli cheese, cranberry cheese and stout cheese, it's no wonder the cheese selection at 10 at Claymore is especially popular!

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Freshly shucked oysters!

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The lingering freshness of the seafood and fat pieces of sashimi will leave you craving for more!

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Oh, just look at that

Introducing the Timeless Plates of Pleasure which are essentially ingredients of premium quality and freshness carefully put together, and thoughtfully served in small portions which can be ordered in unlimited quantity. The Plates of Pleasure that are featured are changed every once in awhile, and this time, the focus is on dishes that are cooked in ways that were all the rave a few decades ago.

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Canadian Handpicked Scallop (Imperial XO sauce)

Huge scallops encased in a thin crisp layer that are bound to win your heart.

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Pacific Ocean Depth Sea Perch (with Chong Qing Spiced Bean Gravy)

Spiced up with a unique sauce, the delectable and soft slices of fish carry an oriental flavour that is very refreshing.

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Chef Andy dished out his world famous char kway tiao for us to try!
This isn't part of the Timeless Plates of Pleasure but you can try it at the Gourmet High Tea buffet.

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Australian Master Kobe Wagyu Beef 'Outside Flat' (mushroom creme)

Tender pieces of beef decked in a creamy mushroom sauce that carried a hint of truffle. Undoubtedly one of my favourites and certainly the best of both worlds for mushroom and beef lovers.

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New Zealand Free Range Lamb Shank (Shiraz Reduction)

The lamb shank carried a stronger "lamb taste" that I didn't quite take to but I liked the lightly sweet shiraz reduction and the bed of creamy mash

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Indo-China Farmed Duck Breast (citrus honey glaze)

This is another of my favourite! The citrus taste was not overpowering and the tangy sauce complemented the duck meat really well. The glaze did not taste one bit artificial and it's really incredible, together with the sour burst of the oranges and the fragrance of the duck. To me, it was an almost flawless combination and the sweet potato squares were a wonderful side to have to even out the taste of citrus, should they be too strong for you.

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Penang Spicy Prawn Noodle in Soup

I was craving for this and you can't imagine my happiness when this dish arrived. I was so excited! Loved it ever since the first time I tried it! Such a tasty broth with roasted pork and fat, juicy prawns. I was already really full but I finished the entire bowl! I can have this everyday!

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Crepe live station!
The most popular dessert at 10 at Claymore is the durian crepe and so of course, we had to try it.
Fret not if you're not a fan of durian, other fruits are available and the good old butter or chocolate crepes can be done upon request too

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My durian crepe!
Filled with a generous portion of real durian puree, this wrapped up delight is pure goodness.

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A small cinnamon chocolate crepe. Don't worry about not being able to finish a crepe on your own after being stuffed full from a super sumptuous buffet because you can ask for a tiny one!

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We were told that the ginger lemongrass icecream is a huge hit and I was thinking to myself how it would actually taste, considering that I don't quite like lemongrass. I took a really small scoop and after my first bite, I was like "oh my goodness, this is really good" and I went back for more!

10 at Claymore does not have the biggest and widest selection but you can be assured that every item is of extremely good quality and every dish is composed to please your palate.

Monday to Thursday : $59++
Friday to Sunday : $62 ++

Sunday brunch: $68 ++

To celebrate our nation's 48th birthday, the buffet will be priced at just $48++ for 8th & 9th August. Wait no more, make your reservations now!

10 Claymore Road
Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel

Breakfast : 6am to 1030am
Lunch: 12pm to 230pm
Dinner: 6pm to 1030pm

Sunday Brunch: 12pm to 3pm


Love, K

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