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Pierre Hermé vs Ladurée - Who's the Best?

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X and I stayed right next to Luxembourg station when we were in Paris and it was walking distance from the fifth and sixth arrondissement! The location is fantastic and the apartment is awesome too! Not to mention Ladurée and Pierre Hermé could be reached on foot!

Founded in 1862, Ladurée has a long and outstanding history and is one of the best known patisseries in the world 
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I found it a little strange that the restaurant follows an oriental theme

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There was a second level that we didn't get to see

The restaurant was full and we had to wait in line for close to 30minutes
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X liked his frothy cup of cappuccino!

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The cappuccino came with a piece of semi-sweet chocolate

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Hot Chocolate
Pure chocolate melted in a hot metal jug

photo P6012388-1.jpg
Great quality chocolate which tasted fantastic!
It's pretty thick and filling so I'd recommend that this be shared!

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Lemon Tart
The lemon curd wasn't overly sour, carried a hint of sweetness but tasted a little artificial.
There was an abundance of curd for the very thin but yummy crust.

photo P6012412.jpg
Chocolate Eclair
The eclair impressed with its texture and generous filling of smooth chocolate cream

photo P6012417.jpg
Pain Au Chocolat
Pain au chocolat is one of our favourite pastries and we liked the one at Ladurée for its fluffiness, and big portion of chocolate

photo P6012421.jpg
Sandwiched between the awesome macaron shells which carry a distinct almond aftertaste, was a layer of light and sturdy cream and fresh raspberries. We fell in love with the sweet rose flavour and lychee bits. A definite must-have!

21 Rue Bonaparte
Monday - Saturday : 830am - 730pm
Sunday : 10am - 730pm

Pierre Hermé
Pierre Hermé is one of the finest French pastry chefs and is best known for his macarons. He had previously worked in Fauchon and Laduree before venturing out on his own, opening his first patisserie in Japan
photo P6033054.jpg
First Pierre Hermé boutique in Paris, at Rue Bonaparte

photo P6033058.jpg
Looking at this makes me want to scream right now

photo P6033062.jpg

photo P6033063.jpg

photo P6033079.jpg
The famous Ispahan that had X really excited! We felt that the macaron shells were nicer than the one at Ladurée but this well-loved dessert lacked the taste of lychee

photo P6033087.jpg
I didn't take down the name of this chocolate cake but it was pure goodness.
The proportion of sponge cake was just right and the chocolate glaze and macaron biscuit layer in this chocolate sensation were magnificent. So rich, and yet not heavy. One of the finest chocolate cakes I've ever had! Absolutely divine!

photo P6043137.jpg
My box of 12 macarons and a giant chocolate macaron!
This reminds me of the box of Pierre Hermé macarons that X bought for me last June. And this June, I was in Paris enjoying these decadent and heavenly bite-sized happiness! Pierre Hermé macarons are known for their unconventional flavours. I love the element of surprise and refreshing mix of flavours!

We couldn't find a Pierre Hermé outlet with a seating area so we can't really compare the dining experiences at the two different establishments. If you'll like to sit down and enjoy a great afternoon tea, we'll recommend Ladurée but be prepared to pay quite a bit. We took a look at their menu and the main dishes, such as eggs with truffle, cost at least 21 euros. Also, if you'll like to order macarons for dine-in, they cost 2.40 euros each as compared to 1.80 for takeaway. Our tea at Ladurée cost us about 65sgd.

We prefer Pierre Hermé to Ladurée for macarons but we prefer the Ispahan at Ladurée. If I were to choose which patisserie I like more, I think my choice will be Pierre Hermé! I'm fascinated by the incredibly creative desserts which aren't only pretty, but also marvelous in taste. If you're heading to Pierre Hermé, do try their Croissant Ispahan! We didn't manage to try it but we heard that it's awesome!

72 Rue Bonaparte
Sunday - Friday : 10am - 7pm
Saturday : 10am - 8pm


Love, K

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