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NAMI (Shangri-La) - Sushi Making Class on the Last Saturday of the Month

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NAMI has been making waves ever since its opening. Perched on the 24th level of the Tower Wing of Shangri-La Hotel, the fine-dining restaurant boasts panoramic views of the city, and delightful traditional dishes crafted with the freshest and finest seasonal produce. If you're seeking authentic and delicious Japanese food, NAMI is definitely where you should be headed. NAMI is also holding sushi making classes, for sushi fanatics who will love to roll out some gorgeous hand rolls for an upcoming party, or just be equipped with the basic skills of making sushi.

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At the helm of NAMI is Chef Akiba, who has 30 years of experience under his belt. A master in dashi, Chef Akiba has whipped up meals for the Japanese Royal family and worked with Japanese iron chef Koumei Nakamura for five years. I had the opportunity to learn how to make hand rolls, or temakis, under the precise guidance of Chef Akiba, and it was such a memorable experience!

The sushi making class($118 nett) will be conducted on the last Saturday of April, May and June, from 1030am - 1130am.

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A platter of ingredients was set down before me once I took my seat at the counter. I learnt how to roll the seaweed properly, and where I should place the rice, and ingredients, in order for me to wrap the temaki successfully and perfectly. While my temakis were far from perfect, this is as close to being a sushi chef as I'll ever get.

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Not too bad, huh? We were given an instruction manual which contains instructions on how to prepare the sushi rice, which is the most important component, in my opinion. The freshness of the sashimi or other ingredients certainly play a huge role. I'm not discounting their importance, but if you go to a reputable Japanese mart to procure these ingredients, you probably don't have much to worry as the ingredients will most likely be fresh and tasty. However, the rice is the trickiest. It's really difficult to master the making of sushi rice! We didn't get to make our own rice at the class, but I believe that if we follow the instructions on the manual, we'll be able to get it right!

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After we tried our hands at making the temakis, it was time for lunch! The super filling bento lunch is included in the sushi making class!

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We were served this pretty bento set with a side of chawanmushi. Lunch already looked amazing and I wasn't expecting more. To my surprise, a plate of tempura and miso soup arrived shortly.

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Needless to say, the sashimi was fresh and every item in the bento set was more than satisfying. There was a really crunchy prawn, firm fishcake, a large snail, tamago, and more! The delectable tempura which was coated in a really light batter stayed crisp till the end, and I loved every bite of it.

A scoop of creamy and rich matcha icecream was sent to us once we've finished the bento.

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I had such a fun morning learning how to make my own temakis, and I definitely enjoyed the lovely bento set which I will remember for a long time to come! NAMI will be offering more classes in the future, so stay tuned if you'll like to learn how to create delish Japanese dishes at home.

Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road,
Singapore 258350
Level 24, Tower Wing
Daily : 12pm - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm


Love, K

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