Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tsukuba Wan Wan Land(Ibaraki) - Hidden Doggy Heaven in Japan

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Ibaraki, which is considerably near Tokyo, is known to be the home of many educational institutions, especially colleges. While you're walking along the streets in the capital city, Mito, you'll see tons of school kids dressed in smart uniforms. Mito is a good base for you to explore some parts of the prefecture. A key attraction will be the Hitachi Seaside Park which is blanketed in different flowers throughout the year.

Tsukuba Wan Wan Land, a literal doggy wonderland, is hardly visited by foreign tourists, but is very popular with the Japanese. It might be a little difficult to get here, but I promise you that it will be worth the time and effort. Where else can you play with and spend quality time with so many dogs?

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Visitors can bring their own dogs to Tsukuba Wan Wan Land, or get ready to mingle with dozens of the resident pooches here. Step into 2 large play areas filled with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Many cute little doggos will be running around and they aren't afraid to come up to you for cuddles. Some of them might even take a particular liking to you and stick to you all day. Don't hesitate to snap a few selfies or wefies with them!

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I was really amazed at the number of dogs they have here. It was definitely a treat coming up close and personal with rare breeds that I've never seen before.

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This is a sports stadium where doggo events are held!

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Tsukuba Wan Wan Land is pretty big so take your time to walk around. You can climb up this shiba tower to catch a bird's eye view of the entire place. There are areas that house puppies too! While you can't play with them, you can watch them roll around with their siblings.

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If you're tired after combing the amusement park, get comfortable in one of the many chairs around, and just enjoy a cup of tea, before making your way back. If you're staying in Mito, we will recommend that you head to Kaniya for dinner!

Admission fee : 1500yen
79 Numata, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture 300-4353, Japan
March - October : 10am - 5pm
November - February : 10am - 4pm


Love, K

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