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Smiths Fish and Chips has been serving up authentic British Fish and chips for four years now and I’m sure many of you would have heard of them.

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--> At Smiths, patrons have a choice of Cod, Haddock, Plaice or Halibut which are imported from the North Sea
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Cod and chips- $18
The fish and chips come in a really big portion, wrapped up in wax paper, encouraging casual dining and also making it easy for groups to share. 
-->Everything at Smiths is fried in their homemade batter. You’ll find that the fish are encased in a thin and crispy layer and you wouldn’t be eating more batter than fish as you might elsewhere  
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Haddock and chips- $17
My personal favourite is the haddock. Plaice and halibut has a stronger fishy taste and not everyone will take to it. 
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Halibut and chips- $24

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Plaice and chips

Although well fried, the big pieces of fish are bland. This is when you can tailor the food to your liking by adding salt, vinegar and hp sauce. Don’t be shocked, but tartar sauce is not available and this is apparently the way the British do it.
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Having tried the fish and chips in London and having fallen in love with the unique chips, I’m really glad that I could find it in Singapore. The chips are made from Australian potatoes that are airflown in and they are softer than our usual crispy fries. Many may think that the chips are soggy but this is in actual fact, truly authentic.
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Salmon Fish Cakes (2 pieces) - $7.50
These tasted pretty awful to me and I just didn't like them

Apart from fish, and chips, Smiths impressed with their sides and pies. 
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Chicken and Mushroom Pie - $8.50
Owner Mr Peter said that you probably wont be able to find better pies elsewhere.

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Beef and Guinness Pie - $8.50
The pies were indeed yummy!

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Curry Sauce, Gravy, Mushy Peas, Baked Beans - $2 each

The four sides were great! The gravy was savory and I was actually having spoonfuls of gravy on its own. Dip the chips in them, or have them with the pie, or any way you want them!

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Pickled onion, picked egg, pickled gherkin - $2 each

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Battered Sausage - $8.50

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Battered Mars Bar - $6 
Go ahead and scream now! Haha. I was so excited to try the fried mars bar. Fat pieces of mars bar coated in a thin batter. Gooey goodness
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Battered pineapple rings(4 pieces) - $3.50
The fried pineapple rings were really sweet and knowing that they were from a can, I was surprised by how good they were. Dusted with sugar, this was a sweet finish to the meal

If you're not so keen on fish, you can try their chicken and chips! Do check out Smiths' promotions for students and senior citizens

230 Tanjong Katong Road
Tuesday - Sunday :  1130am – 11pm 


Love, K

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  1. oh, i have heard about this place but have not tried this before. Makes me feel like going there for it now!


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