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This fast expanding chain currently has four outlets in four of the most popular shopping malls in Singapore. Now that I've finally tried the food at PappaRich, I can safely say that if you haven't, you're missing out!

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Serving up Malaysian fare in all authenticity with ingredients imported from different parts of Malaysia and ensuring that dishes are as true to their origins as possible, PappaRich has gathered a wide following and is expanding locally, and globally at an incredible rate

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Hainanese Steamed Bread with Kaya - $3.90
We kickstarted dinner with this fluffy steamed bread that was in all honestly, one of the best, if not, the best white bread I've ever tasted. I was really amazed by how soft and springy the bread was! And to think that the bread was the best thing on this plate of simple-looking delights was actually a mistake because I was even more blown away by the kaya! The kaya was smooth, aromatic and intense and will win anyone's heart almost instantly. I really never thought that bread and kaya could actually leave such a deep and lasting impression.

Half Boiled Eggs - $2.90
The half boiled Omega-3 Eggs eggs also impressed with their bright orange yolks which were rich in taste. We all think that cooking eggs is as simple as ABC but the half boiled eggs at PappaRich are cooked really meticulously. They sit for hours in a monitored water bath to achieve their perfect and consistent texture.

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Iced White Coffee
The white coffee was a little too diluted when it got to me but the fragrance of the coffee was still present.

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Char Kuay Teow - $9.90
Ipoh is known for having the best kuay teow in Malaysia and being a purveyor of authentic Malaysian fare, PappaRich imports the kuay teow weekly for this famous dish. Nicely charred with a lingering aroma, this plate of char kuay teow comes with juicy fresh prawns and is accompanied with a homemade chilli sauce that complements the kuay teow flawlessly

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Super Rich Combo - $16.90
High quality basmati rice is employed in the creation of this dish. Together with a stuffed squid, beef rendang and a super crispy fried chicken, this combo is truly super. The fried chicken was really crispy and juicy and we learnt that PappaRich has a chef who prepares the fried chicken, and the fried chicken only! Talk about expertise and dedication!

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Pappa Wan Tan Hor - $10.90
This dish was ordered kinda specially for me, because everything else was too spicy for me hahaha. It might just look like a plate of hor fun to you, but trust me, it's really yummy! Slightly gooey, and very savoury, I finished up most of what sits on this plate. Really love how generous PappaRich is with the meat and prawns!

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Pappa Assam Laksa - $10.90
I've always been a fan of assam laksa, despite not being able to take spicy food. This flavourful bowl of noodles with pineapple puree was a winner! The broth is prepared five hours before the restaurant opens for business, allowing the flavours of all the ingredients to meld together, explaining why the broth is so delicious! Fresh mackerel is deboned by the chef and added generously to the soup. Long hours of hard work are put into this palatable dish! I'm really craving for this right now!

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Pappa Curry Laksa - $9.90
This extremely satisfying bowl of goodness is cooked with ten different spices and if you're a fan of curry, be sure not to miss this!

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Cendol - $3.90
Such bright green cendol with irregular shapes is hardly seen nowadays. This is due to the impressive fact that the cendol is made freshly in-house. I especially liked the gula melaka which is imported from Malacca.

The food at PappaRich really surprised me with its quality and wide selection. The effort and thought that goes into the preparation and creation of every dish is truly amazing. I like how founder, Rich Tan, sources for the best ingredients and painstakingly imports them to ensure that every dish is as perfect as possible. I will definitely be back for more!

Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-386


Love, K

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