Monday, June 2, 2014

GRUB @ Bishan Park

Media Invite

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Located in the serene Bishan Park, GRUB has already been drawing huge crowds during lunchtime despite only having launched their new lunch menu very recently! Well, just look at that spread!

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Latte - $4.50
Brewed with Liberty beans, the latte was smooth and easy on the palate

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Mentaiko Fries - $9
Whoever came up with this dish, is a genius. Fries never tasted this good and I finished up almost the entire bowl (with extra mentaiko aioli, of course)! Call me greedy... But it was crazy satisfying and delish!
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Crispy Fish Burger - $14
One of the signature items at GRUB, the fish to bun ratio excited us the moment this dish arrived. Although pleasing to the eye and generous in portion, I found the fried fish a tad too dry and more on the bland side.

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GRUB Double Cheeseburger - $18 
A crowd-pleaser that drew a great many "wow"s from the few of us when it first made its appearance. How do I even begin to describe this? The marriage of juicy beef patties and cheese have been a long standing one but TWO fat patties with such a generous amount of cheese? Burger fanatics, you just can't miss this one!

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Sakura Ebi Pasta - $17
New to the menu and certainly one of the must-haves at Grub, the Sakura Ebi Pasta left a lasting impression. Perfectly cooked with a hint of mentaiko, everyone was going on and on about how yummy it was!

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Slow-cooked Pork Belly - $17 (dinner only)

Moist and tender sous vide pork belly paired with purple sweet potato mash that everyone couldn't get enough of! The potato mash may vary when you're there as the chefs source for only the freshest potatoes that are in season! Be prepared (and yes, you may hold your breath), for the pork belly that will melt oh-so-gently in your mouth

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Chicken Steaks - $17 (dinner only)
Juicy mushrooms, simple but tasty mash and succulent chicken steak make a comforting dinner, don't you think?

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The desserts did not impress as much as the mains did. My favourite was the sticky date pudding which wasn't on the menu as a fixed item but as the dessert of the week. The chocolate kladkakka was dense, sticky and chewy and almost hit the spot. The churros, icecream and waffle didn't fare too well and could definitely be improved. The refreshing yuzu mint soda($4.50) is one of the most popular drinks at GRUB and despite not liking yuzu, the drink actually grew on me after a few sips!

You may want to make a trip to GRUB before it gets impossibly crowded! Located just a two minute walk away from the carpark(with free parking), GRUB promises a great view, friendly service and happy tummies!

Will be back for sure! Oh, those mentaiko fries..

Thank you GRUB and Maureen for having us! 

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Tue - Fri: 11am-3pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm
Sat - Sun: 9am-4pm, 530pm-1030pm


Love, K

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