Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maggi Extra Spicy Curry Noodles


 photo P5095475.jpg
Maggi has recently turned up the heat by making their popular curry noodles even more spicy!

 photo P5095543.jpg

 photo P5115592.jpg
I'm no chef but instant noodles are pretty much idiot-proof right? Even though I overcooked my noodles, and added too much water, I was surprised by how good this was! I'm not good with spicy food but this was really "shiok"! I shared a bowl with my brother who can't take spicy food too and he said it was really yummy despite perspiring quite a bit while savouring this haha. I will also like to give myself some credit for a wonderful bowl of noodles relatively well-cooked! Hahaha

If you haven't already tried it, what are you waiting for? Stocked at most supermarkets, be sure to pick a few packets of this up when you're on your grocery shopping trip!

Thank you Maggi for sending this happy yellow package over and I'm glad to tell you guys that my family enjoyed this as much as I did!


Love, K


  1. Looks good! I can't seem to find this at the NTUC near me...

    1. Serious! It must be so popular that it's sold out! Anyway, I still have a packet so if you want it, I can mail it to you! [:

      Drop me an email at strictlyours@hotmail.com if you're keen okay! [:


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