Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Teppei Japanese Restaurant

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I have wanted to dine here since a year ago but I always missed the reservation date. So when 3rd August came, I finally remembered and called in at 10.30am and I actually managed to get through by 10.37. Only seven minutes. I felt like I was the luckiest person on earth especially when I realised how some have called for hours and not get through. I made a reservation for 4 and I had been counting down to this day ever since!

If I didn't recall wrongly, we had a total of 23 courses. Of which, some were really memorable and some were tiny little bite-sized treats.
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Tofu salad, salmon skin and fried takoyaki

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Fresh and fat sashimi slices!

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The roll on the left is for ladies and the one on the right is for the guys

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A phenomenal combination of scallop and uni

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Sort sort of mashed pumkin

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Baby yam

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Baby gingko nut

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 photo PA098652.jpg
Candied grasshoppers

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Rows of green mess that is either mashed edamame or wasabi

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Ice plant

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BEEF. This was so good. But at this point, I hardly could even breathe anymore. I was so stuffed

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Soup that was way too salty

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Much uni.

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One of my friends picked the fried rice out of four options for his main course. We made fun of him hahaha but he said it was one of the best fried rice that hes ever had and he refused to share it with us because we mocked his choice hahaha

 photo PA098713.jpg
Our sashimi with rice! I took my time to go through this one by one because and they were so good!

 photo PA098718.jpg
Someone was celebrating his birthday and Teppei San made him a sashimi cake!

 photo PA098723.jpg
Salted caramel icecream to end off the meal.

It was a truly enjoyable omakase experience. I loved that every dish was a surprise and that Teppei San was really nice and humourous! When I was rubbing my tummy from being too full, he told me to jump around haha. And he was also eating this special grape that he imported from his hometown in Japan and he saw me staring at him eating it and he offered one to me! Haha super nice. We all went for the $80++ option and the entire experience was well worth the money!

They have now changed their reservation policy so do keep updated with them on their Facebook page!

Orchid Hotel
1 Tras Link
Daily: 12pm - 230pm, 6pm-1030pm


Love, K

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