Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pie Face @ Bugis

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Popular Australian chain, Pie Face, has arrived on the shores of our sunny little island! Pie Face is a big name that most people who have been to Aussie would have heard of. More than 10 years since its opening, Pie Face has established itself as the largest pie chain in the world and currently has 80 outlets globally!

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Iced Latte 
A special blend created just for Pie Face, this coffee will wake you up instantly!

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Cheese Stick and Almond Stick
Pie Face also has a range of savory items such as Cheese Stick and Almond Stick

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and Sausage Rolls

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The entire range of pies have a distinct face for every flavour. The one with the lips marked as a C is the Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($4.90). The cream was rich and a little too thick for our liking but we gobbled it up in no time anyway! Our favourite of the lot was the Chunky Steak Pie($5.20), marked with an S. A definite must-try in our humble opinion! The Thai Curry Chicken Mini Pies($3) were really delightful too and I'd really recommend them! These pies have to be ingested when they're warm to savour them at their best. I really adore the buttery crust and the generous filling inside the pies!

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These mini dessert pies were simple, no frills but a wonderful sweet finish to our pie-fect meal. The Mini Lemon Pie($3.30) left an impression with an optimally balanced curd which was neither too sweet nor too sour. The Mini Chocolate Pie ($3.30) was one of those dessert that you could pop one after another. The Mini Pecan Pie($3.30) was pretty yummy too!

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The highlight of all the dessert pies for me were certainly the Mini Coffee Pie and the Mini Butterscotch Pie. The robust flavour of coffee present in the mousse of the Coffee Pie was just so captivating! I ate most of it oops. And I've always loved butterscotch so this Butterscotch Pie really tugged at my heart strings. Will be popping by for these little babies soon enough!

Head on down to grab some pies at any of their two outlets! 

Pie Face @ Bugis
249 Victoria Street
Daily : 10am-10pm

Pie Face @ 313 Somerset
Daily : 10am-10pm


Love, K

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