Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oceans of Seafood

Media Invite

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I've been to PasarBella quite a couple of times and have always walked past Oceans of Seafood but have never actually dined here. And I'm finally here to witness the cutting of the huge Northern Blue Fin Tuna! I was really excited, akin to a little kid waiting to open her Christmas presents!

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Oceans of Seafood carry a large variety of seafood that are flown in twice weekly. The place is designed to resemble the famous Tsukiji Fish Market

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This is the Christmas Platter worth $148 which is available throughout December and it consists of

1 x Boston Lobster
1 x Dungeness Crab
2 sticks x Tuna Balls
4 x Prawns
8 x Mussels
Salmon Salad
Sparkling Wine (180ml)

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Can you guess how heavy this Bluefin Tuna is?

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Directly imported from Amami Oshima, this large fish is a whopping 54kg!

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The skillful chef sliced it up quickly and everyone was in awe! Oceans of Seafood is running a Northern Bluefin Tuna Feast Promotion from now till 4th January 2015! Expect a 50% discount on 5 different tuna dishes!

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Sake to kickstart the meal! The sparking sake with jelly was super refreshing and delicious!

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These large oysters were so incredibly fresh and plump and there couldn't be a better dish to open up our appetites!

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Look at how huge the oyster is!

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Chutoro Sashimi - $18 (u.p : $33)
The highlight of the night was most certainly the sashimi. The unrivalled freshness and flavour was quite frankly, addictive and to die for! I could eat this all day everyday!

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This Boston Lobster, served with Garlic Butter and Miso Butter, was a joy to dig into. Albeit a chore to crack into those big pincers, they're worth the effort and the reward is surely a sweet one. From now till 4th January, purchase a Boston Lobster and enjoys those gigantic oysters at 50% off! What a deal!

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Chutoro Nigiri - $3 (u.p : $6.50)

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Tuna Hamburger - $14
A interesting tuna patty oozing with cheese atop a bed of fresh greens and accompanied with thick cut chips

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Negitoro Temaki - $3 (u.p : $6.50)

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Negitoro Chirashi - $17 (u.p : $28)
A different chirashi from the usual sashimi-filled ones that we have. This chirashi was topped with a generous amount of negitoro and it comes with a semi-solid egg yolk.

Cooking fees are currently waived so do pop by and enjoy some fresh seafood prepared by their talented chefs! Also, the 50% promotion off the Blue Fin Tuna dishes is honestly, too good to be missed. If you don't already know how expensive and rare Blue Fin Tuna is, you should really look it up and I'm sure you'll be making your way down as soon as you can. Also, there will be a live Blue Fin Tuna cutting session on the weekends so try not to miss that !

Pasarbella @ The Grand Stand
200 Turf Club Road
#02-06(#02-K2 to #02-k11)
Daily : 11.30am - 9.30pm 


Love, K

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