Wednesday, November 16, 2016

So Fete! Christmas Dinner @ Xperience Restaurant (Sofitel So Singapore)

 photo Sofitel So Christmas Dinner 2016 
My favourite holiday is right round the corner and this means that it's time to start planning for Christmas! Christmas dinners are usually booked out real quick and this is a busy period for everyone so I'm sure all of you will be googling where to have Christmas dinner in Singapore in no time. Beat the queue, reserve early and you won't have to fret later! Here's a preview of what you can expect at Xperience Restaurant at Sofitel So Singapore.

 photo Sofitel So Christmas Dinner 2016 1.jpg

 photo Sofitel So Christmas Dinner 2016.jpg
Can you spot a snowman? This is the Amuse Bouche for the day, where squid ink bread, hummus, duck rillette in a cone and pickled tomatoes are arranged cleverly to form a snowman. I actually didn't realise at first and I was like, why is this arrangement so strange hahaha.

 photo Sofitel So Christmas Dinner 2016 2.jpg
I wasn't expecting a dainty treat like this to pack such a punch. The thin sourdough was crisp and on it sat blobs of creamy salmon mousse that paired up incredibly well with the smoked salmon tartare. I tossed the herb salad aside and dug into the appetizer quietly, savouring every bit slowly. 

 photo Sofitel So Christmas Dinner 2016 3.jpg
I always look forward to pumpkin soups and while most possessed quite the ideal consistency, they never really dazzled in taste. I have never had an encounter with a pumpkin soup that left me craving for more. Wait, there has never even been a pumpkin soup that left an impression on me, I think. All that has changed now, ever since I tried the Roasted Pumpkin and Saffron Soup at Xperience.

 photo Sofitel So Christmas Dinner 2016 4.jpg
Fresh Spanner Crab meat was served with pumpkin slices first before they were bathed in a luscious potion. Little did I know that I would be tasting liquid gold. Armed with a subtle sweetness and pronounced presence of pumpkin, it was obvious that the soup blew everyone away as praises were heard around the table. Someone even asked if she could have the recipe! This is the first time that I found myself scraping the bowl to get every last drop. What a mighty fine concoction!

 photo Sofitel So Christmas Dinner 2016 5.jpg
Witness the chefs in action as they carve the Cote de Boeuf right at your table.

 photo thumb_PB033381_1024.jpg
I was really excited about the beef but was pretty disappointed with how my cut turned out. I was expecting a glorious medium rare, and a pristine succulence. However, it was nothing like I envisioned as the beef was quite thoroughly cooked, and was a little dry and tough. The truffle potato mousseline and forestiere sauce kinda saved the dish for me. I looked around the table and realised that a few people actually did receive medium rare beef but I probably got the end of the huge slab, which was more cooked. The chef offered me a new serving but I decided to just finish what was on my plate. It was still decent but I was hoping for better.

 photo Sofitel So Christmas Dinner 2016 7.jpg
The final course is an adorable Christmas Yule log cake which is just the perfect thing to round up the meal. Wrapped up in the cake are chocolate and raspberry flavours.

The 4-Course set dinner is priced at $85 for adults and $50 for children below the age of 12. For those who are driving, complimentary valet parking is available. Do make your reservations as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

24th - 26th December
530pm - 1030pm
Sofitel So Singapore
35 Robinson Road
Singapore 068876 


Love, K  

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