Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Relaxing & Rejuvenating Spa Day @ Familia Spa (Batam)

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Familia is a massive spa that has everything from a hot whirlpool to a foot reflexology centre to massage villas to a bar. Spanning a stunning 5000 square metres, Familia is the latest, largest and hottest one-stop destination if you're looking to rejuvenate your body and soul.

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These are massage villas that can accommodate two guests each.

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There are tons of spots perfect for taking photos

 photo La Familia Spa 27.jpg
Hot pool and cold pool

 photo La Familia Spa Batam 5.jpg
Inside the Grand Villa

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Huge bathroom in the Grand Villa. A usual 1.5 hour massage for the Grand Villa goes for IDR 600k ($64) for one person and IDR1million ($106) for two people. There are happy hour rates for the massage packages and additional services include manicure, ear candling and body scrub.

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We had lunch by the pool and tried the Bebek Sauna, one of their bestsellers. This is the best duck in Batam apparently and it sure was yummy!

 photo La Familia Spa Batam 3.jpg
Nasi Goreng

 photo La Familia Spa Batam 11.jpg
Foot reflexology centre. Foot massages are priced at IDR 200k ($22) for 90 minutes

 photo La Familia Spa Batam 12.jpg
Individual massage rooms.

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 photo La Familia Spa Batam 8.jpg

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 photo La Familia Spa Batam 9.jpg

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 photo La Familia Spa Batam 14.jpg

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The alfresco area is nicely decorated and there's a stage for live band performances.

 photo La Familia Spa 25.jpg
The food here is really quite delicious! The Tom Yum Soup, Oxtail Soup and Potato Skin really exceeded expectations. The Nasi Goreng and Mee Goreng were pretty tasty too.

 photo La Familia Spa Batam 15.jpg
Our full-body massage started at about 7pm and it was 1.5 hours long. The masseuse was strong despite being really petite. I don't go for massages usually but my best friend is a huge fan. She said the massage was really really good and it clearly was very comfortable because she fell asleep and was even snoring. She has a high tolerance for pain so she always requests for stronger masseuses, but she didn't need to at Familia because the masseuses are strong to begin with! Unlike her, I am very sensitive and ticklish so I kept telling the masseuse "softer softer" HAHA. If my best friend says the massage is good, it's definitely good! You can really spend an entire day here at the spa. You can use the sauna, steam room, mineral pool or go for a swim in the normal pool, get a full body massage, fill your tummy at the cafe, grab a drink, play darts and listen to live music at the bar. Sounds awesome? I'm telling you, it is.

My only gripe about the spa is that there's no accommodation attached to it. The nearest hotel right now would be Mercure Hotel which is just right across the road. Bliss Park Residence is being built right now and will be the nearest accommodation to Familia Spa once it's up!

If you're planning to go to Batam soon, and will like to have a relaxing spa day, you know where to go!

Jl Raden Patah No. 77a-b, Nagoya
Batam, Riau, Indonesia
Daily : 11am - 1am


Love, K

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