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3-Course Sunday Lunch @ Morton's Steakhouse (Mandarin Oriental)

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Few have seen Morton's in daylight but with the new Sunday lunch that features a three-course lunch set that goes for just $65, things are about to change. Having debuted Sunday lunch on Easter Sunday, Morton's brought it back again on Father's Day. The overwhelming response surprised the team at Morton's and they have decided to make it a permanent fixture, much to the joy of their fans!

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Stunning interior.

Start your afternoon off with one or two cocktails from the newly minted selection of cocktails or stick to good old classics.

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The three-course lunch comes with an appetizer, an entree and a dessert. Diners can choose a Caesar Salad, Baked Five Onion Soup, Morton's famous Centre-cut Iceberg or Morton's signature Lobster bisque which was velvety smooth. I was instantly mesmerized by the richness and depth of the soup. Would really recommend that you pick this as your starter!

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The Centre-cut Iceberg is not for the faint-hearted. The salad is huge!

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Next up, an enthralling line-up of five entrees await. Let me focus on the 16oz Slow Roast Prime Rib first.

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The 16oz Slow Roast Prime Rib (+$25) was a dream come true. It was everything. When I first bit into a huge bite of the prime rib, I thought to myself "How does Morton's do this?" I'm blown away every single time I'm here. How do they get this consistent and this good at doing what they do? I guess when you have a team of experts who love what they do, and have the passion and hearts to only serve the best, the final result is always beautiful. Once again, Morton's has dazzled me with yet another magnificent creation. The Prime Rib is served with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, and I gladly lapped up the mash with healthy lashings of sour cream. I didn't try the creamed spinach but good things were said about it.

If you are looking for a gorgeous grilled steak instead of a slow roast, you will be delighted to know that you can get a 8oz Centre-cut Filet Mignon and a side of steamed asparagus with just a top-up of $15!

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As Morton's is known for steaks, I wasn't expecting much from their Short Rib Bolognese. So imagine my delight when I found al dente pasta doused in a light yet flavourful sauce topped with mighty fine short rib. I wish I could have more of it but I couldn't even finish my steak and I was very, very dedicated to my prime rib.

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Should you be seeking a lighter lunch option, the Grilled Chicken Bianco might just be what you're looking for.

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Morton's has got you completely covered. There's beef, chicken, pasta and of course, fish. The Honey-Balsamic Glazed Salmon is already $65 on its own so I guess I don't have to emphasize again how insanely value-for-money the lunch set is?

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Succulent chunks of lobster are hiding amidst this coveted mess we call mac and cheese. While this isn't part of the lunch set, it definitely is worth a mention  A taste of luxury comes at quite a hefty price tag of $80 but you might just find that it's worth every penny. I'm usually not a fan of mac and cheese because I don't like cheese but this was different. The cheese was rich but not overwhelming and I can have spoonfuls and spoonfuls of it with no issue at all! Such a sinful and satisfying dish!

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Complete the meal with either a Chocolate Mousse which will charm you with its light and fluffy texture or the famous Key Lime Pie! I always pick a key lime pie when I see one but after trying both the desserts, I can't decide which I like more!

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A lavish three-course lunch in a gorgeous setting for just $65? I'm absolutely sold. I'm guessing that Sundays at Morton's will be seriously packed so do make reservations!

Sunday Lunch : 12pm - 3pm

5 Raffles Avenue, Fourth Storey 
Singapore 039797
Monday - Saturday : 530pm - 11pm
Sunday : 12pm - 10pm 


Love, K

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