Monday, December 5, 2016

amba Taipei Song Shan - Great Value, Wonderful Stay

 photo Amba Song Shan Taipei 1.jpg
A boutique hotel created by Ambassador Hotels, amba Taipei Song Shan prides itself on exceptional value and unbeatable convenience. amba boasts a panoramic view of the famous landmark, Taipei 101 and is within walking distance to Wufenpu, Raohe Night Market, Song Shan metro station and the popular Xinyi district. The location is indeed impeccable.

 photo Amba Song Shan Taipei.jpg
The rooms are modern and well-equipped.

 photo Amba Song Shan Taipei 2.jpg
My room had a view of the Keelung River.

 photo Amba Song Shan Taipei 4.jpg
The bed was super comfortable!

 photo Amba Song Shan Taipei 5.jpg

 photo Amba Song Shan Taipei 3.jpg

 photo Amba Song Shan Taipei 6.jpg
The room was spacious and it totally rocked the whole contemporary minimalist look. The prices are really very reasonable. If you're heading to Taipei and have no idea which hotel to stay in, you should definitely consider amba.

Book amba Taipei Song Shan here.

8 Section 7 Civic Boulevard
Taipei 11562 Taiwan


Love, K 

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