Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chinese New Year Steamboat with Ryan's Grocery Spring Reunion Offerings

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Specialty gluten-free grocer and organic butchery Ryan’s Grocery is your one-stop destination for premium meats and seafood perfect for steamboat feasts. Dazzle your guests during Chinese New Year with an outstanding hotpot spread featuring free-range shabu-shabu sets, organic grass-fed Thomas Farms lamb, Blackwood Valley Black Angus beef, organic vegetables, gluten-free condiments and more. 

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Ryan’s Grocery offers a Fortune Shabu-Shabu Set($118) and Prosperity Shabu-Shabu Set ($118) that might tickle your fancy. The Fortune Shabu-Shabu Set comprises an assortment of 10 packets of pork shabu-shabu of different cuts - pork collar, loin and belly. The Prosperity Set consists of a selection of 8 assorted packets of premium shabu-shabu. Patrons can choose from three different cuts of pork, Black Angus beef and lamb shabu-shabu.

Both sets come with a SKYLIGHT Gift Set (Worth $79.00) that includes New Zealand Superior Abalone, Superior Pacific Clams, and Premium Razor Clams.

Enjoy the store’s home-made gluten-free Meatball Platters(12pcs) made with organic Black Angus Beef ($11.80), hormone-free Chicken ($9.90), and free-range Pork with Water Chestnut ($9.90).

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For a hassle-free soup base, pick up a few packets of Free-Range Chicken broth ($7.30/948ml) or 2 packets of Outram Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh Spices($6.90) which come complimentary with a total spending of at least $100.

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If you prefer to pick out your favourite ingredients instead of the sets, here's a list and prices for your consideration.

Hormone & Antibiotics Free Premium Chicken Thigh Coin ($6.60/200g)
Borrowdale Free-Range Pork Belly($8.20/150g)
Borrowdale Free-Range Pork Loin($8.20/150g)
Borrowdale Free-Range Pork Collar($8.20/150g)
Australia Organic Black Angus Beef($12.80/200g)
Australia Organic Lamb($9.80/200g)

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Wild Caught U.S.A Sea Scallops ($22.50, 300g)
Organic Tiger Prawns ($28, 400g)

The ingredients are incredibly fresh! Even the organic mushrooms were delicious! You can't enjoy an amazing hotpot without yummy sauces, can you? My favourite dips are the Great Southern Black Truffle Mustard ($19.90/100g) and Ayam Mongolian Lamb Sauce ($4.30/210ml) and I strongly urge you to get them.

This Chinese New Year, you can have a healthy and indulgent steamboat with your loved ones!

Ryan’s Grocery Lunar New Year offerings are available from 3 Jan till 15 Feb. There's free delivery with every purchase of $200 and above. Orders can be made online at www.ryansgrocery.com or in-store at 29 Binjai Park.
26th January -31st January - no delivery.
Collection timing is 9am – 6pm daily (closed on all Thursdays and from 28th -30th January).

29 Binjai Park
Singapore 589831
Friday - Wednesday : 9am - 7pm


Love, K

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