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Cassia - Usher in the Year of the Fire Rooster with Sumptuous Cantonese Delicacies

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Welcome the Lunar New Year with an exquisite selection of meticulously-crafted dishes at Cassia, Capella's Cantonese fine-dining restaurant. The beautiful restaurant has a grand private dining room that is perfect for reunion dinners and corporate lunches. Cassia has come up with six different menus, with two exclusively available on the eve of the Lunar New Year. Find out more about the Abundant Blessing Menu ($139++ per person) in this post.

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Each ingredient in Cassia’s Prosperity Lou Hei (百花齐放捞起) is hand-picked by Cassia’s Executive Chef Lee Hiu Ngai. The Lou Hei comprises fresh greens, salmon and homemade passion fruit sauce. At S$68++ per serving, the dish is designed to be shared among four people. If you're dining in pairs, you can opt for Cassia’s Signature Lou Hei ($38++ per pax) which is served with fresh seafood including lobster and sea urchin. Cassia’s Lou Hei platters are available in the restaurant from 14 January to 11 February.

Start your meal with a Combination of Chilled Lobster Claw Meat in Thai Style, Deep-fried Chicken Roll with Avocado and Five-spice Roasted Australian Yorkshire Pork Belly. We didn't get to try this though so no pictures!

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Pamper your palates with the Double-boiled Chicken Soup that you know has gone through hours of preparation, once you have tasted it. While the premium ingredients like abalone and dried scallop were delicious, the clear broth is definitely the highlight. I love how comforting it is and I'm sure it's very nutritious too!

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I was looking forward to the Japanese M9 Wagyu Beef the entire night! The beef is wok-fried with young ginger and pineapple and there is a very subtle tanginess present in that brown sauce that coats every piece of beef evenly. The beef was so tender, so juicy and absolutely delectable.

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I have always been more of a meat-person but I have discovered a new-found love for fish recently. I was really excited to try the Baked Chilean Sea Bass, especially when we were told that it is Cassia's signature dish. The sea bass was exceptionally fresh, and remarkably tasty. Its pristine white flesh was wonderfully soft and the homemade special chilli sauce that it was paired with earned praises all round the table. What amazed me the most was how the fish stayed really warm from the start till the end. This dish is truly splendid and I totally get why it's the signature dish at Cassia.

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A relatively huge bowl of Lai Wan Fried Rice was served next. There's a mix of prawns and Chinese sausages in the rice, and three adorable mini abalones lying picture-perfect in the middle. I felt that the rice could use a little work in terms of taste as I found it a tad bland.

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The night ended on a really sweet note with a warm Lotus Seed Tea with Dried Longans. The tea was too sweet and while this was decent, I would have preferred a cold dessert. However, that isn't characteristic of Cantonese cuisine or meals which usually end with táng shuǐ (sweet soup). If you're looking for authentic Cantonese flavours, Cassia is definitely the restaurant to visit.

The Abundant Blessing Menu is available from 28th January to 11th February.
Haven't made your reservations for reunion dinner yet? Maybe you will like to consider Cassia!

1 The Knolls
Sentosa Island
Singapore 098297
Daily : 12pm - 230pm, 630pm - 1030pm


Love, K

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