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(CLOSED)The Wall - A Treasure Trove of Whiskies Older than You and Me

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A bar wholeheartedly dedicated to the love and appreciation of fine whiskies, The Wall is a safe that guards more than 300 types of whiskies including pre-war whiskies, limited edition whiskies, priceless whiskies and rare whiskies. The Wall is not set up to bleed your bank account dry. Instead, The Wall allows us to have a taste of uncommon whiskies at an affordable price tag, offering us a taste of the finer things in life. It's difficult to find a bar that offers tasting portions and Gentleman's pour of uncommon whiskies, like the Hibiki 30 years, but you can get that right here.

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The Wall is housed in a beautiful shophouse with the original brick walls constructed in the early 1900s. Level one of The Wall is home to a 10-seater bar where guests can interact with the bar manager in a casual environment. Level two boasts plush comfortable leather chairs and a lounge setting with pre-war whiskies standing proud in glass cabinets on the wall. There's also a wine cellar, home to curated wines, and a secret room that transports you away from Singapore.

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Start your night with The Wall's Miso Nachos ($8) that comes with a Minced beef dip that comprises chilli, ketchup, shiro miso, garlic, ginger and salted beans. This really opens up your appetite!

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Another must-try is the Eihire Grilled Skate Fin ($15) which is served with a crazy addictive spicy mayo. The skate fin is chewy and might not be the easiest to tear apart but I'm sure you will love it, like I did.

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I can only imagine the ridiculous expression on my face when I heard that this East Meet West Whisky Flight which features 20ml of Auchentoshan Three Wood, Les Moissons, Yamazaki Distiller Reserve and Kavalan Single Malt, goes for just $37. Isn't it just insane? The highlight is, of course, the whiskies but I'll really recommend that you top up $12 for 4 sticks of sumiyaki that pair perfectly with the whiskies. Swirl the whisky a little, take in a whiff of it, have a little sip, and bite into a skewer and note the difference! You will find that the whisky accentuates certain flavours.

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Tebasaki - Chicken wings with salt and garlic powder (pair with Auchentoshan Three Wood)
Kashiwa Chicken Thigh - Grilled local fresh chicken thigh topped with a dash of wasabi sauce (pair with Les Moissons)
Tsukune - Fresh minced chicken balls with cartilage and yuzu peel. Pair with egg yolk and house-made teriyaki sauce (pair with Yamazaki Distiller Reserve)
Negima - Grilled chicken thigh, Japanese leeks skewer (pair with Kavalan Single Malt)

Even though I'm not a fan of wasabi, the Kashiwa Chicken Thigh with wasabi sauce was the best in my opinion and it was paired with a very unusual whisky that does not taste anything like the usual Japanese and Scottish whiskies that I'm used to. Very unique pairing that definitely left a mark in my heart.

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The arrival of the Hotate Bacon ($9) made me smile instantly. Two of my favourite things together with a kiss of lemon? More please.

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Surumi Ika ($18) - squid from Japan is impeccably grilled with butter before soyu is added to it towards the end. The squid had a lovely smoky flavour and a light crunch. Needless to say, it was exceedingly charming with the accompanying sauce which is a tasty mix of Yakitori sauce, Japanese Mayonnaise and grated ginger.

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Looking for a sweet finish? Go for their Warabi Mochi ($10)!

A glass of whisky starts from $14. And they now have lunch bowls (available from Monday to Thursday) too! I don't know about you, but I can see myself coming back again, and again.

76 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088497
Monday - Saturday: 5pm - 1am


Love, K

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