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Bee's Knees (The Garage) - New Operating Hours, New Bites

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Previously opened only in the day, when bees come out to play, Bee's Knees is now set to be a popular haunt at night too. The family and pet-friendly all-day dining garden and bistro has just extended their operating hours. If you're a huge fan of their breakfast options, or lunch fare, you will definitely fall in love with their new selection of bar bites. Love their salads, sandwiches, pastas, and pizzas? You will be more than pleased to know that you can now have them for dinner too!

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Unwinding after a long day of work? Grab a Bee's Knees Cocktail($16) to start. The gin-based cocktail is light, refreshing, and possesses a captivating sweetness and light tartness. I know I was supposed to sip it slowly, but I downed it way too quickly because it was so yummy! Prefer something non-alcoholic? The Homemade Pink Lemonade ($6) is a good choice.

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The newly-minted Bar Bites are not to be missed. Especially the Boxing Chicken ($14), which is aptly named as every chicken chunk resembles a fist. Well, I have to be upfront about this dish. It is absolutely addictive - tender, well seasoned and juicy. Believe me when I tell you that you can't stop at two.

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It's quite a known fact that I'm a complete carnivore and the only salad I love is Potato Salad. Just when I thought that no one can top a classic cold potato salad, Bee's Knees rolled out their version of Potato Chips 'Salad' ($8). I'm completely sold. A seemingly simple mix of EVOO chips, mayonnaise, mustard and Spanish Onions shouldn't taste this good, but it does. I'm not ashamed to say that I polished almost the entire plate myself. I just couldn't keep my hands off these babies! Will make a trip to Bee's Knees just for this!

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A salad that is healthy, hearty and filling? Sounds too good to be true? You have to try The Veggie Goat($16) to believe it then! Quinoa is blanched with salt and dressed with white wine vinegar and olive oil before it is paired with room temperature goat's cheese, sprinkled with sugar, and caramelised. Seasonal figs from Australia, roasted pumpkin, watercress, cherry tomatoes, roasted nuts, pumpkin seeds and sauteed kale are tossed into the mix as well. The solid outfit is then finished with a drizzle of balsamic reduction. Is this one of the most colourful and ingredient-filled salad you've encounter? I bet.

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Braised Australian beef cheek, sauteed pappardelle, and tomato sauce with garlic and basil, make up the Beef Cheek Bolognese ($16). Priced affordably, the well-executed pasta dish dazzled with tangy notes and tender meat. I'm not someone who would order Bolognese usually, but I would most certainly opt for this if I'm craving a good plate of tomato-based pasta. 

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I've heard rave reviews about the pizzas here and I'm so glad that I finally got to try it. The new Shrooms Pizza ($25) has a brilliant pizza base made from high-gluten flour and plain flour. The crust is lightly crisp, and sufficiently fluffy and doughy - just the way I like it. The dough is slow proofed over 3 days, and this is the biggest contributor to the incredible texture of the pizza base after the completion of the baking process. The pizza base is then slathered with a housemade truffle bechamel and topped with sauteed button and shitake mushroom, rocket, parmesan and confit onion. This is irrefutably one of the better pizzas I've had in recent times. And I'm pretty sure that it will be a huge hit!

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The Tiger Prawns Linguine ($18) looked exceptionally promising but it was the most disappointing dish of the night, for me. The prawns were fresh, no doubt, but the pasta was really bland. Upon order, linguine is tossed in a pan with prawn oil and prawn stock made out of the shells. Sure, the pasta was oily, but it was pretty tasteless. Perhaps they forgot the salt.

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Time for dessert. The Apple Carrot Cake ($7) left an impression with its moist cake base. I enjoyed the Granny Smith Apple bits, and the cream cheese frosting, but I thought the cake could use more cream cheese. Also, the price point seems a little steep, as compared to all the other dishes which are really priced super reasonably.

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Yay, Churros! The light and airy Churros ($8) will win your heart. They are sprinkled with a unique five spices sugar, and are served with a little dish of glorious dark chocolate sauce. What a fantastic way to round off dinner!

If you're popping by, note that parking is available in the compound. One of the best things about Bee's Knees, apart from the good food and good service, is that the prices here are all nett! I'll definitely visit again, and I can't wait to try their breakfast items! Also, you might wanna come by on Fridays to catch the acoustic 'Live' band performances(every alternate Friday).

The Garage, Level 1 
50 Cluny Park Road
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Monday - Tuesday : 8am - 6pm
Wednesday - Sunday : 8am - 10pm


Love, K

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