Monday, July 17, 2017

White Rose Cafe(York Hotel) - Treasured Flavours of Singapore

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White Rose Cafe at York Hotel has relaunched their well-loved and highly sought-after Treasured Flavours of Singapore A La Carte Buffet lunch with 25 iconic dishes. The buffet features Singaporean favourites, and is now available daily. New classics such as Chai Poh Omelette, Kung Pao Chicken and Stir-fried Long Beans with Dried Shrimps are bound to tickle your fancy. Read on to catch a glimpse of the highlights that you absolutely cannot miss!

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Oh fried chicken. Who can resist these little babies? I have to say that White Rose Cafe has certainly executed this dish to perfection. Each piece of chicken is encased in a thin but extremely crispy batter. That loud crunch that hits your ears when you take a bite is strangely gratifying. The meat is juicy, well-seasoned, and tender. I bet you can't stop at just one!

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The Beef Rendang is slowly stewed with spicy paste. This results in intense flavours being locked into every ounce of meat. The chunks of beef are firm, but not tough, and releases a burst of sweetness and hints of spices as you savour it.

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The Fish Head Curry is irrefutably the star of the buffet. Dive into half a portion for 2 to 4 persons or an entire fish for 4 to 7 persons. The Fish Head Curry carried a captivating aroma and already stole my heart, and senses, before it even arrived at our table. It came piping hot, and the rich curry was still bubbling as I lifted the lid. Prepared according to a well-guarded recipe from the then-famous Soon Heng Restaurant back in the 1970s, the fish head curry sees a steamed fresh Red Snapper fish head simmered with assam before it is cooked with tomatoes, sliced onions, fresh chillis and more. With a bold and distinct flavour that you cannot find elsewhere, the fish head curry possesses a mild level of spiciness and might just be the most perfect fish head curry for me. Every bite of its tender flesh will strike you with a noteworthy freshness and pronounced sweetness. This is definitely one of the best curry fish heads in Singapore!

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The meal might be quite heavy so it is wise to round it off with light dessert options such as Ice Kachang, Cheng Tng, Chin Chow, or a refreshing bowl of icy cold Chendol.

We didn't have enough space in our tummies to try all 25 dishes but we were already contented with all that we had. That curry fish head really left an impression! We are certain that you won't be disappointed by the spread and quality of the food here.

Treasured Flavours of Singapore
Daily : 12pm - 230pm
Price: $29/adult, $15/child
Senior Citizens aged 55 years old and above are entitled to a 10% discount on Tuesdays.

York Hotel
21 Mount Elizabeth Road
Singapore 228516


Love, K

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