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Rice Paper Scissors - Possibly the Best Restaurant in Melbourne

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 
Before I went to Melbourne, I did plenty of research on where to eat. Every holiday for me is about food, food, and more food. I got in touch with a couple of food bloggers in Melbourne to ask for recommendations. I was so sure that my palate would be dazzled and the calories that I would be piling on would be worth it. Unfortunately, despite heeding recommendations and visiting some of the most raved about restaurants in Melbourne, I was sorely disappointed. I was there for three weeks, and really had alot to eat, but there are only a few places that I'll recommend. And, Rice Paper Scissors is one of them. The entire dining experience was amazing - the servers were really friendly, warm and helpful, the atmosphere was cozy and lively, and most importantly, the food was really good.

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 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne.jpg

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Pear Bellini which was super yummy!

Each dish is priced at about $14. We were recommended the $65 option which consists of our choice of 5 dishes. The portion feeds two sufficiently.
 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 12.jpg
Thai Ceviche
This was the best dish in my opinion. I just love the tangy flavours, and the spicy notes that made the dish all the more captivating. The ingredients might seem simple but the final product was absolutely delish. They were generous with the lime cured kingfish, which was really fresh and firm, and the addictive mix went hand in hand with the crispy rice crackers. We just couldn't get enough of it!

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 4.jpg
Galloping Horses
This scored high points with us too! Think flavourful balls of caramelised pork, prawn, and peanut, lying on beds of sweet and sour pineapple. The balls were savoury, but also carried a subtle sweetness and pronounced nutty flavours. The highlight was the sharp contrast of the taste of pineapple with the tasty balls - the pineapple successfully elevated the dish to another dimension, making it surprisingly addictive.

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 7.jpg
Crispy Barramundi
Under that pile of sour and spicy toss-up of green apples and fresh vegetables lie fat pieces of lightly-fried barramundi. The barramundi had a pristine freshness, and you can taste the natural sweetness of the fish in every bite. The white flesh soaks up the strong flavours of the salad really well and don't be surprised if you find yourself reaching for another piece.

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 8.jpg
Crying Tiger
This plate of chargrilled wagyu with a spicy dipping sauce was probably the dish that was most mediocre. The beef was tender, and tasty, but there wasn't really much to shout about. It wasn't that the dish wasn't nice, because it definitely was more than decent, but we think that there are better options on the menu.

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 9.jpg
Steamed Pork Buns
Reminiscent of our Chinese kong bak pau, these pork buns were pretty yummy. The soft buns were adequately moist, and the pork belly was equipped with a thick fatty layer and crisp edges.

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 11.jpg
The server also recommended the Malaysian Charred Roti, which is similar to our roti prata. Their version is thicker and doughier. If you're a fervent lover of our local roti prata, you might find this lacklustre.

I love Rice Paper Scissors so much that I went back for dinner again. I had the top 3 dishes mentioned above and the following too.

 photo Rice Paper Sciossors Melbourne 3.jpg
I forgot the name of this cocktail but it might have been a special on the menu

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 2.jpg
The South East Side is a cocktail that the ladies will love. The pear bellini wasn't available so we opted for this instead. Not as good, but still pretty damn good!

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne 4_1.jpg
Thai Fried Chicken
Don't you just crave crispy and tender fried chicken on some days? The fried chicken at RPS will not disappoint. Beneath the thin crisp skin of the chicken chunks, which have been fried to perfection, lie juicy and succulent white flesh that is made tastier by the accompanying dip.

 photo Rice Paper Scissors Melbourne_1.jpg
Mini Vietnamese Baguette
RPS' rendition of banh mi sees crispy soft shell crab, pickled vegetables, herbs and homemade pate sandwiched between two soft fluffy buns. We would have loved for the crabs to be meatier, but the ensemble was pretty good nonetheless!

Apart from the coffee, Rice Paper Scissors is what I miss the most about Melbourne. I'll definitely be back for more when I visit Melbourne again!

19 Liverpool Street
Melbourne, 3000
Monday to Thursday : 12pm - 3pm, 530pm till late
Friday to Sunday : 12pm til late
Love, K 

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