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Ryo Sushi - Best Value For Money Omakase in Singapore

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Those who love Japanese food, particularly sushi, should be no stranger to Ryo Sushi. Even if you have not dined here before, you would most probably have heard of their amazingly-priced omakase sets. Omakase dinners have long been known to be expensive, with the prices hitting $350 per pax (before taxes) at most of the established and esteemed Japanese restaurants on our sunny little island. Shinji is one of the places where most people dream of dining at, but a meal there will cause significant damage to your piggy bank. If you're thinking of going for an awesome omakase dinner, but not keen on splurging that much, Ryo Sushi is undoubtedly the place for you.

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The contemporary sushi diner promises a cozy, and intimate dining experience. The counter seats about 8 to 9 pax, and you can watch the chefs work their magic right in front of you. The attention dedicated to each and every diner is commendable, and the chefs have a streak of humour in them, making dinner all the more enjoyable. 

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Here's Chef Roy carefully slicing each piece of fresh fish.

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Chef Roy slices all the fish, before he starts to put them onto blobs of sushi rice.

A 15-course menu goes for an astonishing $38, while an 18-course menu which has 3 more pieces of sushi, including otoro, goes for $68. If you're feeling a little generous, or are craving for uni, opt for the 18-course menu with uni ($98).

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We were really excited as we waited for the start of our 18-course dinner with uni! Every omakase set begins with the same items - edamame, truffled onsen egg, and Hijiki seaweed salad.

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photo Ryo Sushi Tanjong Pagar 3.jpg
Sushi time!!!

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I was impressed by the freshness and quality of the fish, and the texture of the tasty sushi rice.

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The handroll was a delightful treat too!

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And the highlight, of course, was the Small Sea Urchin Rice Bowl! The flavour of the uni wasn't as rich or strong as we had hoped, but it was still a satisfying creamy mix with an added burst of saltiness from the accompanying ikura.

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The prices are nett, so don't you worry about gst and service charge. I have to say that it was $98 very well spent.

It's not easy getting a reservation so do call ahead at least a week or two in advance. They have an insane 10-course lunch set for $18 and this has got to be one of the hardest lunches to ever try because they don't take reservations. You will have to go really early to queue to ensure that you get a seat! However, if you're willing to brave the arduous conditions to race for an $18 lunch comprising edamame, 7 pieces of sushi, a handroll, and a bowl of soup, consider yourself deservedly rewarded.

Orchid Hotel,
1 Tras Link, #01-06
Singapore 078867
Monday - Saturday : 1145am - 245pm, 6pm - 1030pm


Love, K

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