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Hooked@Edge - The Best Seafood Buffet Dinner in Town Just Keeps Getting Better

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I rave about Edge all the time. Whenever anyone asks for a buffet recommendation, Edge is the first answer that pops out of my mouth. If you haven't been to Edge, you really really should! And there's no better time than now, because Edge has just revamped their spread with spanking new additions! Look forward to an enhanced selection of seafood, a daily double-boiled soup counter, and a cendol and teh tarik live station, on top of an incredibly wide variety and numerous live counters. I have no doubt that you'll be dazzled by the selection that you have no idea where to start. Well, I usually go for the fresh seafood on ice and sashimi first!

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As the buffet has already begun long before I arrived, I wasn't able to capture the spread in its full glory. Fresh Boston lobsters, and seasonal oysters are the stars of the show, of course. Pair the lovely seafood with popular sauces such as ponzu or vinaigrette, and make sure you have your fill of them! I mean, that's what we are here for right? If you're a fan of prawns and crabs, which I'm sure you are, you'll be absolutely delighted with what's on offer!

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You can also "DIY" your own seafood cup at the marinated seafood raw bar, and add as much caviar as you desire!

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Sashimi, cheeses, olives, cold cuts.

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Grill station. I love their sausages!

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New : Pacific Ocean Wooden Plank of the Day

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The hottest live station at Edge right now!

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The dishes at this live station are on a daily rotational basis. Lucky us got to try the Beef Shank Carving with Truffle Mash!!! The smell of rosemary will draw you here and you'll be a fool to walk away without a serving, or two!

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Noodles live station that serves different local noodles daily, teh tarik live station, durian cendol live station, pasta live station, Singapore-style Hokkien mee live station... Pizzas, satay, chilli crab, roast meats, mushroom soup, bread, crackling pork belly, herb confit salmon, roast beef, dimsum... Edge has just about everything that will satisfy your rumbling tummy.

The new double-boiled soup counter offers 8 classic soups on rotation daily. Expect Ginseng Chicken Soup, Black Chicken Herbal Soup, Watercress Red Date Pork Ribs Soup and more. And of course, how can I forget the expansive dessert corner which offers everything from durian pengat, and soft chocolates, to cakes, and waffles? As stuffed as I was, I still had double servings of pralines(new addition) and my favourite durian pengat. Oh, how does one not love you, Edge?

Hooked@Edge is on every Wednesday and Thursday from 630pm-1030pm. Make sure you arrive as early as you can and leave as late as you can, to get even more out of the buffet which is already a huge huge bang for your buck. Make your dinner the ultimate indulgence with a free flow of wine by topping up just $10. Because, why not?

Find out more about the spread here

Every Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Price: $88/per adult, $44/per child
Top up $10 for unlimited glasses of red and white wine.

Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard, Level 3
Singapore 039595


Love, K

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