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NOX - Dine in the Dark - Unique Dining Experience in Singapore

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If you're a big foodie, you would have at least heard of five-year-old NOX - Dine in the Dark which sits on Beach Road. The restaurant has revolutionize the dining scene, and dining experiences for guests. If you've never been here before, I'll strongly recommend that you make a booking today. Not only does NOX - Dine in the Dark send out delicious cocktails, and interesting dishes that will have you racking your brains over, the popular restaurant employs the visually impaired as servers. Where else can you have great food, and show your support for the visually impaired?

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Step into NOX - Dine in the Dark's lounge and have a cocktail or two.

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They sure don't skimp on the amount of alcohol that they add into the drinks, so you know you're getting your money's worth. The cocktails here are crafted by new head bartender Muhammad Hussien, who used to be a mixologist at Orgo. A master in incorporating local flavours and fresh fruits in his creations, Hussein's cocktails are not to be missed. Try the signature gin-based Rojak Ninja, and Ignite my Passion!

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We had a quick and small bite, which was actually really yummy, before we were told to keep all our belongings in a locker (even watches that light up). We were then led upstairs in a single file, with our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us. It wasn't easy adjusting to the dark, and having to listen and follow instructions this closely. It took us awhile before our party of five were finally seated and we were given a quick "orientation" on where the glass and cutlery are on our table.

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The Prix Fixe Dinner goes for just $88 and comprises 12 courses and an amuse bouche. The 12 courses are pretty small, but you'll be really stuffed by the end of the meal. I opted for the mystery cocktail pairing($50) to go along with my dinner. If a cocktail pairing doesn't tickle your fancy, wine pairing is also available.

There's a specific way to go through the courses. It was really funny, and fun, as we were all guessing the different ingredients that were used, and sometimes we were just absolutely clueless. At the end of our meal, we were asked to jot down our answers on a piece of paper and we were mostly shocked when the correct answers were revealed. Mind-blowing!

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New Head Chef Mohammad Shahrom, who used to be the head chef of Lolla, has changed up the menu, and is bringing modern European dishes to the table. With a strong focus on seasonal and fresh produce, Chef Shahrom highlights the natural flavours and textures of the key ingredients, and you can rest assured that you'll have an amazing experience here. It was crazy how each and every of the 12 dishes were so yummy — it's incredibly unbelievable.

And our host was great! He took really great care of us, and despite not being able to see, he could move around swiftly and confidently, without any accidents or knocking anything over at all. I was immensely impressed and the entire time, we were in complete darkness. I couldn't see anything at all, and had to feel around for my utensils and glass. I had a glimpse into the lives of the visually impaired, and I salute them for being able to live their lives so bravely and not let this condition affect them. Their optimism was really inspirational.

I really enjoyed myself. Initially, I felt claustrophobic because I couldn't see anything at all and the darkness was actually suffocating. I got used to it after awhile, and actually could taste the flavours of my food more strongly as my senses were heightened. It was really an experience that everyone should go through at least once. It may sound gimmicky, and you may think that the food would be just mediocre, but I promise you that the food is excellent.

This would be the best $88++ you have ever spent. Do bring your loved ones to NOX - Dine in the Dark for a memorable meal, and also to show your support for the staff here.

269 Beach Road
Singapore 199546
Daily : 6pm - late


Love, K

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