Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sushi Hotaru - Cheap & Good Sushi in Melbourne's CBD

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Sushi Hotaru receives long queues every single day. The sushi train restaurant is especially popular amongst students and young people. This is one place where having tons of sushi won't burn a hole in your wallet. That being said, you also should have a fair expectation of what you're in for. You can't come here expecting top quality Japanese sushi of course.

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Located in a quiet shopping mall on Bourke Street, Sushi Hotaru makes it easy for diners to order their food. Using an electronic ordering system where diners can place their orders right at their seats, the restaurant focuses on churning out sushi at top speed. Each plate goes for $3.80, and there's quite a wide selection.

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You won't go wrong with the soft shell crab handroll and salmon nigiri or sashimi.

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The scallops are not bad! The gold plates are more expensive (about $8-$9)

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Most of the sushi that we had were pretty decent. Nothing fantastic, but good enough. We'll say skip the tuna though! When we were there, the tuna had a really artificial red hue, and tasted synthetic. Not sure if they have improved, but make sure to look around and try to spot the tuna before you decide to order.

If you're on a budget, and still craving for sushi, you can make a trip to Sushi Hotaru! I'll recommend avoiding the peak meal periods, and go at odd timings instead. You won't have to queue for long, and probably can enjoy your meal for a longer period of time, without feeling like you have to vacate as soon as you're done.

Midcity Arcade, 118/200 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Daily : 1130am - 10pm

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