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Binary - New Restaurant at Palais Renaissance With One of the Best Breads & Cocktails in Singapore


The binary star appears as a single star but is in actual fact 2 stars that are so close to each other that they seem to shine as one. Inspired by the binary Star, Binary showcases Western and Asian dishes side by side and allows them to shine even brighter in complementary fashion. In addition, the restaurant occupies a prominent space at 01-01 of Palais Renaissance, echoing the binary code of 0 and 1. You have to agree that the restaurant can't be anymore aptly named! Opened by the same group that manages big names such as Sushi Kimura, Binary seems enroute to become one of the most popular kids in Orchard. Rocking a full house on a Monday evening, the casual restaurant boasts a straightforward menu of star ingredients presented in both Western and Asian style. So, even though the menu looks lean, you're looking at double the number of dishes available due to 2 cooking styles offered for each key ingredient. 

 The tastefully-decorated restaurant also has alfresco seating for those who prefer to enjoy a pint of their exclusive Binary Craft Brew outdoors. Carrying more than 60 wine labels, Binary also most certainly has something for every wine lover. Note that there's a supplement of $30 to enjoy the wine at their premises.


I started the evening right with a glass of Chrysanthemun Tea($24), which I had a difficult time picking from the menu of impressive cocktails, some of which have an Asian flair. I was really pleased with the Chrysanthemum tea which captured the essence of the flower but none of that bitter aftertaste. It carried a really lovely balance of sweetness, floral notes, and Grand Marnier. I also tried the refreshing Lime Praline($24) which came with small bites of brownie. The tangy concoction was sure easy to drink!


We kicked off dinner with some Tomato Bruschetta with Fresh Tomato Concasse and Sour Plum Infused Tomatoes($14) — a refreshing appetizer to cleanse our palate in preparation for a great meal.


I most definitely did not expect the Homemade Kubaneh Bread with Garlic Butter & Kombu Butter($14) to knock my socks off. Kubaneh is a Jewish Yemeni pull-apart bread which is traditionally baked overnight to serve for breakfast or brunch on Sabbath. The bread was incredibly fluffy and soft, and was addictive enough on its own, but made even better by the house-blended garlic butter, and kombu butter. It's been a long time since I've been this blown away by bread, and it feels a little odd to say that this would be the prime reason that I'm making a return to Binary. It's certainly not because the other dishes were not delicious, but it's just that this amazing bread was unbelievably outstanding.You can't visit Binary without having this!


A classic Spanish Tapas, the Tiger Prawns Gambas Al Ajillo($18) is a great option for sharing. You can't go wrong with these crunchy prawns that have been cooked to perfection!


The Deep-Fried Burrata($18) is an interesting take on the popular appetizer that we always get at Italian restaurants. Cut through the thin crisp exterior of the blob slowly to reveal a creamy centre of luscious cheese that will pair wonderfully with the pesto alla genovese. I felt that the pesto could have been a tad tastier, even with the slightly salty crust of the burrata. But this might be because I'm used to having burrata with parma ham or drizzles of balsamic vinegar, which impart stronger and more savoury flavours.


Binary's Nasi Lemak Chicken Wings($18) are the crisp addictive wings that we all wish we will always encounter in our nasi lemak. As expected, they go really well with beer!


Fans of the famed Lao Gan Ma chilli sauce must not miss the Octopus "Lao Gan Ma Chilli" Crisp($28) which is first cooked in a sous vide machine with thyme and lemon zest for 4 hours, before it is placed on a plancha grill under watchful eyes. Octopus is not the easiest seafood to prepare; I have come across so many versions where it was overcooked, too tough, too charred, or way too chewy. I'm happy to report that Binary's rendition was executed very well, and there was just the right amount of chilli, such that you can still taste the natural flavours of the octopus.


Moving on to the mains, the Iberico Pluma Korean Gochujang($38) is a must-order. Reminiscent of Korean barbecue, the Grilled Iberico pluma is served with fresh green coral lettuce, ssamjang sauce, chopped kimchi, and sea salt. Marinated overnight, the meat is then cooked in a sous vide machine, and grilled on the plancha. Exceedingly tender, and packed full of savoury flavours, the meat was every bit delightful on its own, as it was eaten together with the accompanying condiments. I would have loved for more garlic pieces to go around but I'm sure the restaurant would be happy to send over more if I had asked.


If you're looking for some munchies or snacks, or just sides to complete your meal, the Parmesan Bacon Cauliflower($14) and Mushroom Fritti($14) are lovely options. If you can only pick one, go for the mushroom! Fried mushroom is always a good idea.


Round off your meal with a classic pairing of Warm Homemade Fudgey Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream($16). Not overly dense, or sweet, the brownie was chocolatey and just moist enough. The gentle sprinkle of sea salt definitely made the ensemble tastier.


If you prefer a cold fruity dessert, Binary's Ice Jelly and Yuzu Sorbet($16) which resembles ai-yu bing might just be right up your alley. I always love cakes and heavy desserts, even after a filling meal, so my vote is with the brownie!

Binary is no doubt a great place to unwind after work. Come by and grab some of those yummy cocktails and kubaneh bread!

390 Orchard Rd, #01-01a, Singapore 238871
Daily : 1130am - 1030pm

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