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Flying Singapore Airlines Suites with my Dog in Cabin from London to Singapore

Snuffles and I flew with Singapore Airlines three times :

1) Business class from Melbourne to Singapore in July 2019

2) Business class from Singapore to Paris in June 2022

3) Suites from London to Singapore in August 2023


Snuffles has been my emotional support animal since he was a pup. I bought him in Perth, and we lived in Melbourne and I had a therapist there etc

Emotional support animals are no longer allowed on Singapore Airlines.

Snuffles is really well behaved and quiet on flights. He’s been flying since he was 8 weeks old. Passengers usually don’t even know there’s a dog around until they walk past our seats and see him and ask if they could say hi. He travels exceptionally well and has also flown multiple times in Europe. We don’t do any special training or prep for flights, and do not give him any medication. He’s just a perfect pup !!!!!!


On our first flight back from Melbourne, a steward actually asked me why I needed an emotional support dog. So I told him briefly of the issues that I have and he tried to tell me about his completely unrelated ones, and how he deals with them without therapy and an ESA - which I felt was quite strange considering it was unsolicited advice.. 
Our Experience with Singapore Airlines on Suites - a quick review


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Check-in wasn't the smoothest because the staff did not know how to handle a dog checking in, and so there was alot of waiting around while the staff called his manager and another staff etc. We then went to the SilverKris First Class Lounge where the staff did not know that Snuffles was allowed in the lounge. The lounge seems to be quite small, and dated, for one that comes with such a premium title. The food menu was pretty decent —there's a good spread of local Singaporean delights which I haven't eaten in years. Service was top notch as you can expect always from Singapore Airlines and SilverKris lounges.























When we boarded, the stewardess greeted us Snuffles and me warmly by name and said they have been waiting for us. We then were ushered to our suite and started unpacking. It turned out that we were actually ushered to the wrong suite (there are only 6)… So the passenger who was supposed to be in the suite that I was occupying showed up and she kicked up a huge fuss about how a dog had been on her chair etc… it was quite a shit show, and she didn’t want to switch suites - she wanted the original one she had booked. So the crew ushered me to my original suite and they did a thorough cleaning of this lady’s. Other than that, service was awesome throughout my flight and I had the best sleep ever on a plane (I slept for 6 hours straight). And that says a lot considering I’m an ultra light sleeper (but I was also seriously tired)





















































































The selection of food and wine was great and there’s SO much food available. The variety was quite insane! I didn't order any extra food out of the original meal service. I barely managed to finish the food especially when I just came from the first class lounge. But I did have about 7 glasses of yummy champagne and wine yay. The really sweet stewardess was very on the ball when it came to refilling my glasses and she was also offering recommendations along the way. I can’t believe that I didn't even manage to watch a movie (I always do) cause I just ate and slept hahaha and then it was breakfast time.     


I changed into the Lalique pyjamas provided and hopped into the bed that my stewardess made for us

Breakfast time!


It was a 13 hour flight but it sure didn't feel like it! It was way too short! I don't think I've ever felt that a flight was too short before. Flying Singapore Airlines Suites was an amazing and incredibly memorable experience and while we will never get to fly with SQ again, I will always remember this experience fondly! Here’s hoping that one day SIA will allow dogs onboard again. I'm sure many pawrents will be happy to pay to take their furkids onboard, even in carriers, and also maybe the airline can have designated seats or rows for passengers with furkids! 

Find out how to take your dog from Singapore to Europe by doing the paperwork yourself here :

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