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Dog-Friendly Northern Lights Tour in Tromso, Norway

northern light tour tromso with dog 

Snuffles and I went to Tromso with the sole aim of catching the elusive Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis. We were too early for other winter activities such as dog-sledding or whale watching which was quite sad, but I guess we just wanted to make sure that we caught the lights! We were there 1-4 October 2022. It took me awhile to find a dog-friendly company that will accept Snuffles on the almost 10-hour tour.

We met at 7pm in town and our group was large enough to be split into 2 vans. It was quite squeezy on the van(full capacity) so I'm not sure if bigger dogs would be allowed, as Snuffles sat on my lap in the van.

We were given some clothes to wear, and taken to 3 different locations throughout the night. The first was probably the "nicest" — it was on a beach, a fire was set up, and we were treated to a cup of hot chocolate. Even though the Aurora Borealis forecast for that night was exceptionally great, we didn't manage to see any at the beach. We finally caught the lights at our final location(which was very very dark), and the lights were strong enough for us to see quite clearly with the naked eye

The owner or staff would take photos of you with their cameras, and send you a link to retrieve the photos in a few days.

Note that the lights look way brighter in photos than they do in real life. 

You can opt for a drop-off at your accommodation at an extra fee if it's not listed in their drop-off points 

My only gripe with this company was that I actually found them through a travel site, contacted them via email about bringing Snuffles, and then made a reservation through the same travel site. When I emailed the company about my booking, to inform them that Snuffs is coming along, the owner was quite hostile and insisted that I cancel my original booking, and book with him directly via his website. I understand that the travel site takes a cut but this was disadvantageous to me because I had to bear the currency conversion fees and ended up losing 13 euros in the transaction. The owner did offer me a discount code but it didn't cover the entire 13 euros lost.

I guess if you wanna bring your pup along, do drop them an email first so you don't have to go through this entire hassle as I did

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