Monday, October 10, 2011

Artichoke Cafe + Bar

Guess whose turn it was to plan the day? Yes, it was my turn. On a warm sunny Sunday afternoon, I was trying to direct The Star to Artichoke without revealing its road name and all. But I got mixed up with the directions for a bit and he kept bugging me "you tell me I sure know how to go!" IRRITATING. So in the end I reluctantly said "Middle Road" and he shouted "ARTICHOKE!" and I was like "no lahhhhhhhhh" Hahahaha and he confidently replied "CONFIRM. DON'T LIE" Hahaha hate how he's so knowledgeable in foodiology in Singapore.

So anyway, we parked by the road outside sculpture square. It was around 2 in the afternoon when we got there and it was pretty crowded. We opted for an indoor seat as it was pretty hot that day.

The high tables and chairs




A really big cup of hot chocolate

Looks not bad but it was hardly average ):

Iced coffee

Scrambled eggs and smoked bacon chop -$18

Hardcore scrambled eggs (view #1) -$28

View #2

Without the wild rocket

I've been to Artichoke for dessert before and I also tried their meat candy which is the bacon chop drizzled with maple syrup. I fell in love with the meat candy and have been wanting to go back again for it for a long time. When I saw the brunch menu, and there wasn't meat candy I was devastated (HAHA exaggerating a bit here) BUT I realised that the meat candy is actually the bacon chop! So yay I was happy again. Haha

Okay let's talk about the scrambled eggs with bacon. As you can infer from its name, its scrambled eggs with bacon chop haha. There were also toasts and tomatoes accompanying them. I thought that the toasts were pretty nice!

For my hardcore scrambled eggs. It was too hardcore for me. I couldn't finish my eggs haha. There were sausages, hash, mushroom, haloumi and my favourite bacon chop too! The buttered mushrooms and the haloumi were yummy. I'm not a fan of hashbrowns and I don't like them in my brunch so yeah. I really like the bacon chop but this time round, coupled with all the other items, I felt that it wasn't as nice as the first time I tasted it. A lil disappointing but I still like it. The portion of the hardcore scrambled eggs is huge and I had trouble finishing it. Recommended to be shared if you aren't one with a big stomach!

Overall, Artichoke is quite a good place for lunch. They are great for dinner too. The outdoor dining area is super chill at night. I like how it is kinda hidden away from the main road. Oh their desserts are not bad too! Think I had a pear and almond cake and a valrhona & hazelnut brownie with mascarpone vanilla the last time.

In addition, they give you a packet of gummies when you leave! Haha they come in a small paper bag with "Artichoke" stamped across. How cute is that

161 Middle Road
Singapore 188978
Inside Sculpture Square
(beside NAFA)

Brunch - Sat & Sun: 1130am -2.45 pm(last order)
Dinner: Tues – Sat: open at 630- 9.45(last order)
Closed on Mon 


Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Artichoke : 7/10

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