Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Located away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, is Spruce. Looking for an unforgettable dining experience? Here it is.

I've been to Spruce for brunch a couple of times and for dinner once.

The Star and I went there for brunch one sunny Sunday afternoon with a bunch of friends. Sad to say, I accidentally deleted all photos of their gorgeous brunch. SIGH.

These photos are all I have left so here we go. 


I have a constant craving for it.



First, lets talk about the ciabatta. The ciabatta is soft on the inside, crunchy on the out. Good as it is on its own. Freshly baked ciabatta with fresh, juicy tuna chunks. This dish is PHENOMENAL. I have never been a fan of avocado, but I have to admit that I was overwhelmed by how avocado kind of tones down the taste of the tuna and yet bring the whole combination to a different level. It's insane. I'll go back anytime, anyday just for this. Its $21, and many will think it's expensive for a starter, BUT YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!!!

Okay, moving on.. Spruce is a great place for brunch. The outdoor dining area is extremely popular. On a typical Sunday, Spruce is PACKED. You definitely have to make a reservation. The crowd is usually more mature and sophisticated and I enjoy people-watching while having my meal. Their British Brekkie and Big Brekkie are the more popular choices and they're pretty good, with a variety of items.

Oh yes, not forgetting the banana hotcakes. Yummy.

Spruce has one of the worst menus ever, because they have so many awesome dishes and you'll want everything!! Always takes me a long time to decide what I want. I mean, with breakfast options like Spruce Signature Steak Benny, Greek yogurt, toasted bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese.. You get my drift right?

I can't help but love how Spruce looks at night.


Kurobuta pork ribs
With mashed potato and corn. Really delightful dish but a pretty small portion for $38

PhotobucketMushroom risotto.
The first mouthful tastes so so good but I got a bit sick of it towards the end.

Spruce burger

The dinner items are pretty good but I feel that their portions are too small.

I think they've made some changes to their menu so I'm not sure if these items are still available. BUT I pray that AHI TUNA TARTARE will always be available. I'll kill myself if this dish becomes extinct at Spruce. Can you imagine the horror??

Oh yeah Spruce has quite a number of desserts too. The sticky date pudding is pretty impressive,

Oops, I apologize for the blur photo

The chocolate tart which was okay.

I think their cakes aren't very nice but their ahi tuna tartare will make up for anything! BEST THING EVERRRR. Prices are on the high side but it's pretty worth it for the quality of food that you get.

Spruce is the perfect place for a nice Sunday brunch and it's definitely a great location for dinner too. Parking is available in the compound if you're driving. If not, there are public buses that go there! I think 111 does!

Something you HAVE to remember : MAKE A RESERVATION!

320 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park

Weekdays 10:30am-10:30pm
Weekends 8:30am-10:30pm


Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Spruce : 8/10

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