Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hatched is a must-visit for brunch fanatics. Especially if you love eggs. You can have your eggs baked, fried, scrambled, however you like them! And guess whaaaaat, Hatched serves breakfast all day long! Means you get to enjoy all your favourite breakfast delights at anytime of the day! How awesome is that?

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and mummy decided to take The Star and I out for lunch. I decided on Hatched since The Star has never been there before(thoughtful #1 haha) Parking is available beside Evans Lodge and opposite Evans Lodge at CCAB.

It was pretty empty that afternoon, as it was a weekday. I've been there on a Saturday before and boy, was it crowded. I was glad it was pretty empty so we could enjoy our brunch in peace instead of being overwhelmed by loud conversations held by others.

I adore their menu. With its colourful designs, cute names for their dishes and thorough descriptions, this has gotta be one of my favourite menus! Plain and simple menus are really boring..




Sir Benedict

Smoked Royale


Good ol' English Muffins with poached eggs. Hmmmm yum yum in my tum tum! We like the hollandaise sauce especially. Also, the poached eggs were almost perfect and not overcooked. It's no wonder eggs are their specialty! The homemade mashed potato was a good side to have.

I have had their pancakes before and I liked them. Although I had wanted pancakes, I was too full at the end of the meal to ingest anymore. Really weird, because there's always room for desserts in my stomach! Guess part of my stomach decided to sleep that day. Haha.

Anyway, if you'll like to have drinks, please don't order their hot chocolate or iced lemon tea. The hot chocolate tastes like it's made from hersheys syrup and the iced lemon tea came without lemon. So, err iced tea? I really hope they will improve on their drinks!

Well, we'll definitely be back for more! I have yet to try their baked eggs! Sounds yummy, no?

Hatched is a great place for brunch/dinner. And it's a good place for family meals too as their menu caters to your precious little ones. The prices are pretty decent and overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. The staff are attentive and approachable too!

26 Evans Road
Evans Lodge, Singapore 259367

Tues- Thurs, Sun : 8am - 10pm(last order -9.30)
Fri-Sat : 8am - 11pm (last order- 9.30)


Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Hatched : 8/10


  1. Love their sir benedict & the sleepover! :)

    What!! I go there often (once a month or more) and always get their hot drinks. Plus I love the hot chocolate there the most! I saw them using Monim/Monin (can't remember) chocolate syrup. Yummy. If I remembered clearly you have to add lemon if you want ice lemon tea, tried that before.

    Anyway, can't wait for my next meal there woohoo.

  2. Hello! I like their Sir Benedict too! The hollandaise is good!

    I didn't take a liking to the hot chocolate maybe because it was made from syrup. Different taste probably!

    My mum was not very happy with the iced lemon tea because well, it is iced lemon tea but you have to ask for lemon? Haha

    Hatched must be happy to have a loyal customer like you! (:



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