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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Menbaka - Kyoto's Famous Fire Ramen Opens First Overseas Outlet at Cineleisure on 24 Nov!

Have you tried the world's first fire ramen? I did, a few years ago, at Menbakaichidai めん馬鹿一代, in Kyoto, and it was definitely one of the most unique, fun, and engaging dining experiences I've ever had!

Now, Menbaka is opening their first overseas outlet in Singapore on 24 November, at Cineleisure!

Monday, August 1, 2016

(CLOSED)Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria (Level 4)

 photo Japan Food Town Wisma Atria 7.jpg
Japan Food Town is the latest and most exciting addition to the heart of town. The tenants were greeted with crazy queues on their opening day. Singapore is the first to launch this widely anticipated food hall that brings together a wide array of Japanese delicacies, conjuring up an authentic Japanese experience. In one single location spanning 20075 square feet, diners are presented with options such as sushi, teppanyaki and soba. This is quite the true definition of 'spoilt for choice'. All 16 tenants procure more than 50% of their ingredients from Japan directly so you can look forward to having only the freshest here at Japan Food Town. Think sashimi from Tsukiji, udon with 150 years of history, the first Dassai Bar outside Singapore, and lots more!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Truffle Broth Ramen @ Kanshoku Ramen Bar (Orchard Gateway)

 photo Kanshoku Ramen Bar Truffle Broth Ramen.jpg
Following the success of their dry Truffle Ramen, Kanshoku Ramen Bar has brought their latest inception, Truffle Broth Ramen($17.90) to the table. The folks at Kanshoku were careful not to overdo the truffle flavour and have worked hard for four months to create this. Infused with truffle oil, topped with truffle pate and shaved truffle, I would say that the final product was one that surprisingly worked. Although the broth lacked the creaminess and flavour of a rich tonkotsu broth, it worked in this case because the taste of truffle compensated for the inadequacy of the broth. While some might prefer a stronger truffle taste, it was just right for me. As usual, the ajitama and charshu were on point.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kanshoku Ramen Bar @ Orchard Gateway

 photo Kanshoku Ramen.jpg
Following the success of their first outlet at Metropolis, the good folks behind Kanshoku decided that it's time to bring their widely-raved ramen to one of the most popular shopping malls in town. The ramen bar is a cozy and casual outfit that sits on level one of Orchard Gateway and we heard that it is packed all the time. I was really excited about the Truffle Ramen ($16.90) + Ajitama ($2) which comes tossed in a decent dose of truffle oil. Served dry and cold, the bed of firm and springy noodles left an impression with its texture. The noodles are topped with real black truffle and flanked by two lightly torched slices of tender charshu. Starting the meal with such a satisfying treat definitely set a high benchmark for the rest of dinner.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Tring 313 Food Trail @ 313 (Somerset)

 photo P7257167.jpg
Have you heard of the mobile app, Tring 313? Well I haven't until I went on a food trail at 313@somerset. I learnt more about the app and after downloading it did I realise that the app has so much to offer! In addition to having a store directory and store locator, you can also purchase coupons on Tring 313. The coupons are exclusive to shops in 313 so you can expect to find 1 for 1 Bingsu deals at O'ma Spoon, $18 for a $30 discount deals at Chir Chir, and deals at Forever 21 and Singapore's favourite froyo store llaollao!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yoruton Ramen @ Chabuton

 photo Untitledzzz.png
Amidst the numerous ramen chains that have expanded to our shores, Chabuton Ramen has prided itself in offering specialty ramen, exploring the endless possibilities that the simple Japanese noodle dish can take on

Chabuton has launched its latest Yoruton Ramen congruent to the opening of their fourth outlet at Millenia Walk. The first-ever ramen chef to earn a Michelin star, Chef Yasuji Morizumi has created this particular ramen with five levels of spiciness to cater to the Singaporean taste bud. At $12.90, the ramen is priced lower than most of the ramen in the market

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ippudo @ Shaw Centre

Media Invite

 photo P3132817.jpg
A name that always pops into minds when ramen comes into question is Ippudo. Ippudo is a global chain that has achieved remarkable success in many countries. The fifth and newest Ippudo outlet, in Singapore, has opened in the heart of Orchard. Located in Shaw Centre, do note that the easiest way to get here is to take the elevators in the office tower, opposite Pacific Plaza, to level 4.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Kurobuta @ Chabuton

Media Invite

 photo P1151356.jpg
The Kurobuta Tonkotsu Ramen is the first exclusive ramen dish to be created by the world's first Michelin-starred ramen chef. And guess what? It's now available at all three Chabuton outlets in Singapore until 31st March!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keisuke Tonkotsu King

X chose a dinner venue but he didn't tell me where we were going. At first, he said we were going to MBS, then when we reached Craig Road, he told me that we're gonna eat at some famous Peranakan restaurant. What a liar haha. Then finally, we reached Keisuke Tonkotsu King! We were greeted by the really long queue and waited for close to an hour to get into the restaurant.

Long queue

Menu that is passed along the queue

Full house

Only two chefs but your food gets served pretty quickly after you take your seat


Free flow of eggs

Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen Special - $15.80
The soup was really tasty! The hint of spiciness grows on you!

Tonkotsu Ramen Special - $14.80
The noodles had a great texture. And the soup was yummy. The tamago was nicely cooked with a runny yolk. We each had an extra tamago!

Biggest piece of chasyu ever. How generous!

The long queue at Keisuke Tonkotsu King is definitely justified. They have one of the best ramen in Singapore! Also, the portion was pretty huge. We were both extremely full. The tasty soup left us really thirsty afterwards though. Haha. The service was pretty efficient and we received our food shortly after we were seated.

If you're a ramen-lover, you've gotta try the ramen here!

1 Tras Link, #01-19
Orchid Hotel

Daily: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm

Love, K

K's rating of Keisuke Tonkotsu King(based on food and service) : 8/10

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marutama Ra-men

Image Hosted by
This is a long over due post on Marutama. We have been there twice now and their ramen comes in among the top few on our list. According to the staff, the owner of marutama is very fond of basketball and thats where their basketball-esque logo came about.

Marutama has 3 outlets, 1 at The Central (Clarke quay) , 1 at Liang court and the newest one at Suntec City. Pictures shown here are taken at The Central outlet. The concept of the store is very simple - traditional japanese decor that is. The restaurant is not huge, roughly about 35-seater which feels rather cosy. During meal time, do expect the place to be packed.

Image Hosted by
Rather than having an extensive menu, Marutama chooses to excel in the selected few on the menu. This is ideal for K, as she always has trouble deciding on her food. Order the original chicken soup ramen SGD$12 , add an Ajitsuke tamago (egg) SGD$1 and Kakuni (stewed pork belly) SGD$5, you're in for a treat!

Marutama Ramen with tamagos- $14

Marutama Ramen with tamagos and Kakuni - $19

The texture of the noodles is very smooth. There is this tenderness about it,  which is different from the tougher ramen you find outside. The chicken broth is also very tasty and best still, it doesn't make you thirsty after you polish off the entire bowl. I highly recommend, anyone who goes to try it, to get 2 eggs. I love their runny eggs and 1 is just not enough for me. Another must try add-ons is the pork bellies which have been stewed until the meat literally melts in your mouth. Combine them together, and you have yourself a very satisfying meal. The price of around SGD$20 might be a tad on the high side for a bowl of ramen, but for the pleasure it provides, I say its definitely worth it.

Marutama ( The Central)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central @ Clarke Quay

Daily: 11am - 10 pm


X's rating of Marutama : 7.5/10

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ippudo Tao

Ippudo Tao is the result of a collaboration between Ippudo and Tao, a Japanese drum group. Having been to Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery a couple of times, I was pretty excited to see what Ippudo Tao has to offer. 

X and I went there for dinner around 10 pm on a Friday night and we parked at UE Square. Parking charges were pretty killer I'd suggest that you park along the road if you can!
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
With basic colours of red and black covering the entire shop space and front, this outlet looks significantly different from the one at Mandarin Gallery. Pretty unique but it was a little too dark for me.

Image Hosted by
Ippudo Pork bun! $3
I love it! The braised pork is so soft it melts in your mouth!

Image Hosted by
This is quite a bad picture I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the meat but of the veg instead haha

Image Hosted by
Tao Kuro Tamago

This dish is part of the Ippudo Tao original ramen menu and it's unique to this outlet.
The noodles are thick and chewy and are supposed to symbolise the dynamism of Tao.
I didn't like the noodles that much though. They were a little too tough but the soup was pretty tasty!

Image Hosted by
Ippudo Shiro Tamago
This is the original ramen which Ippudo is famous for!
However, X felt that the broth wasn't as tasty as the Tao Kuro's

Image Hosted by
Ooooohhh look at that
I was a little disappointed though, as the egg yolk wasn't as runny as I'd expected it to be.

X and I love ajitamago, we each have 2 whenever we eat ramen! Haha greedy pigs.

It was a pretty good meal. The ramen took about 15 minutes to be served while the pork bun came shortly after we placed our orders. Service was quite good and they don't charge for their wet towels. Even though they're famous for their ramen, I felt that the pork bun was the highlight. We spent about $55 in total. A little steep but not too bad.

Check out Ippudo Tao if you're looking for ramen in an outdoor or more chill-out setting!

207 River Valley Road
UE Square

Mondays to Thursdays
(Last order at 2.30pm)
5.30pm to midnight
(Last order at 11pm)
Fridays to Saturdays
(Last order at 2.30pm)
5.30pm to 2am
(Last order at 1am)
11.30am to 11pm
(Last order 10pm)


Love, K

K's rating of Ippudo Tao : 6.5/10