Sunday, October 20, 2013

Air France

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X and I took Air France from Singapore to Paris. It's a direct long haul flight which took about 12-13 hours. Here's a post to share with you our experience!

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The screen fixed on the back of the seat in front of you tells you the route that the plane will take and how much longer the journey will be and also provides you with sufficient and much-needed inflight entertainment.

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 photo P5148446.jpg
You can remove the console to play games!

 photo P5148450.jpg
Headphones that are provided

 photo P5148454.jpg

 photo P5148459.jpg

 photo P5148461.jpg

 photo P5148463.jpg
Sauteed beef with black pepper, steamed rice and Asian style vegetables

 photo P5148472.jpg
Fillet of escolar fish with bell pepper sauce, French green beans and mashed potato
We were pretty surprised by how tasty the food was!

 photo P5148475.jpg
Apple juice that I really like!

 photo P5148479.jpg
White wine

The flight attendant kept promoting the alcohol to us HAHA
 photo P5148499.jpg
So the attendant got me a cup of champagne

 photo P5148514.jpg
Hot chocolate after the meal

 photo P5148521.jpg
And the flight attendant gave me these for tasting! Haha super nice of him

 photo P5148522.jpg
While I was dozing off, another flight attendant was going around the plane calling out "icecream icecream!" So we woke up to eat icecream haha

 photo P5148526.jpg
Soon, it was breakfast time!

Flight back from Paris
 photo P6043138.jpg
I think we took a newer plane! The screen was bigger and it shows the live footage of the plane taking off. Pretty cool

 photo P6043140.jpg
Don't remember what these dishes were but I remembered that they were quite yummy!

 photo P6043143.jpg

 photo P6043144.jpg

We had quite a pleasant experience on Air France. Their staff at the airport in Paris were especially nice. However, when we got back to Singapore, X and I were in for a shock when we realised that X's luggage didn't arrive back in Singapore! It was still in Paris. And the worst thing was, we were supposed to leave for Taiwan the next day! Thankfully, the luggage was sent to X's home a couple of hours before he was supposed to leave for the airport. After some research online, we found out that Air France is quite infamous for its handling of baggage. Also, please note that when purchasing travel insurance, you've to include the day of arrival back in Singapore. We flew back from Paris on 13th June and our travel insurance covered the entire trip until the 13th. However, we arrived in Singapore on the 14th, and the delayed baggage was not covered ):


Love, K


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