Friday, October 4, 2013

Smokey's BBQ

Media Invite

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Bringing with them an extensive menu of American delights, Smokey's BBQ has joined the charming neighbourhood of Sunset Way.

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Smoked Venison Chilli Nachos - $16
I love salsa and I love tortillas and I love cheddar and I love sour cream. And now I get them all together! Really appetizing and great start to a meal except that the venison could have been warmer!

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Buffalo Wings (6 pieces) -$10
The buffalo wings are served with a blue cheese dressing and spicy chilli sauce. These wings are worth a shot! Also, on Wednesdays, Smokey's has a crazy buffalo wings promotion! Wings will be going at just $1 each!

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Southern Fried Smoked Fish - $17
The fish was tender and the batter wasn't too thick. I was more impressed by the fries and the tartar sauce though

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St Louis Pork Spare Ribs(regular) - $25
Full slab - $48

The spare ribs are seasoned and smoked with hickory and mesquite wood before being coated with homemade barbecue sauce. You could taste the smokiness of the ribs if you pay extra attention to it. The ribs were a little too tough and dry for us

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Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs(regular) - $25
Full slab - $33

Baby ribs have a higher meat to bone ratio than spare ribs and perhaps that's why I preferred the baby back ribs because there was more meat haha. The baby back ribs were also a tad too dry

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Smoked US Prime Beef Brisket - $25
The brisket is a tough cut but Smokey's got it right by managing to tenderize the meat. I really enjoyed this!

Smokey's is a great place for group gatherings and for people who enjoy a casual and chill atmosphere. It also has a selection of craft beers, cheeses, burgers and salads. Parking is conveniently available at the multi storey carpark just a short distance away.

Blk 106 Clementi Street 12
Tuesday - Sunday : 3pm-11pm


Love, K

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