Saturday, October 12, 2013

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar

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Revamped and reconceptualised from the previous Rumah Rasa is STREET 50 which sits on the first level of Bay Hotel. Bay Hotel is situated just opposite Vivocity. STREET 50 is now serving up global flavours with a twist and unique interpretations on classic dishes. We're giving away 5 discount vouchers to STREET 50 at the end of the post!

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Hazelnut Escargot - $14
These Burgundy snails are stuffed with hazelnut butter before they are baked.

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Once served, they are flambed with Brandy!
We dug in when the flame died out. You can distinctly taste the Brandy on the buttery meat!

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Cajun Chicken - $18
It's not easy to prepare a great tasting cajun chicken. This halved spring chicken is very well-marinated and it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I was intrigued by how the chicken was cooked really well and that it wasn't the slightest bit dry inside. The fries were encased in a crispy thin layer and were yummy too. Served with the chicken is a pears and black bean chutney which is strong and special. It might taste weird to you at first but you might grow to like it like I did!

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Tom Yam Flair - $18
My absolute favouritest dish of all! A fusion of Italian and Thai, this dish was really brilliantly crafted. Its a clever concoction of white wine, tom yam cream, fried basil and Thai spices. I was immensely impressed on my first bite! You can taste the tom yam flavour and creaminess distinctly but it doesn't overwhelm. A bed of well-cooked aldente spaghetti topped with seafood in a delicious spicy cream sauce, mhmm yum! I'm already planning when to go back just for this!

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Lamb Rendang - $24
Instead of mutton cubes, we get a whole lamb shank that is slowly braised in rendang paste. The tender meat is infused with the flavours of the rendang paste and as a non-eater of lamb, I have to say that I can hardly detect the strong taste of lamb in this. This is too spicy for me though! But again, I'm really bad at taking spice haha.

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Durian Pengat - $8
Cocooned in the crepe is durian puree, coconut cream, pandan and gula melaka. This dessert is indeed a sweet finish to a good meal!

Daily set lunch promotion :
One dines free with every two paying adults!

We're giving away 5 vouchers to STREET 50! Each voucher entitles you to a 25% discount as long as your bill amounts to $50!

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