Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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Home to fresh produce, organic products and sumptuous food, Pasarbella recreates and brings to Singapore an overseas experience. Having been to the famous Borough Market in London and fallen in love with it, X and I have been dying to visit Pasarbella. Here at Pasarbella, you won't feel like you're in Singapore!

Dutch Colony Coffee Company

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I kickstarted the day with a much needed cup of strong iced latte ($5.50)

Le Patio
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Huge pans of seafood paella! Seeing this really reminds us of Borough Market

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Seafood Paella - $13.50
Very unfortunately, the paella was cold and the portion was smaller than what I had on my previous visit. The amount of seafood given was pretty little too. Didn't leave a very deep impression on X who was trying it for the first time

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Caramel Butter Salt Crepe - $4.50
So simple but so so good! A must-have!

Most Valuable Foods
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Roasted Pork Belly - $6
We wanted the pork loin but they were already sold out! This was very tender and yummy too but I prefer the pork loin! Another must-have!

Nibbles by Rabbit Carrot Gun
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Beef Cheek Pie - $9.90
Pretty fragrant with quite a generous portion of beef and crusty base!

We adore the atmosphere and concept of Pasarbella. Seats are readily available and there's something for everyone. From Japanese food to seafood to pasta to cakes to icecream to alcohol to organic products, Pasarbella has got it covered. We enjoyed sitting on the second level and watching the unique and interesting videos that were being shown. And one of the best things about coming to Pasarbella is free parking and the best thing is probably the feeling of being away from Singapore.

200 Turf Club Rd
Stalls: 9:30am to 7pm
Restaurants : 10am to 10pm


Love, K

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  1. That looks pretty fresh and nutritious meat.
    Nice pics btw.


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